Saint Laurent show, Front Row, Fall Winter 2020, Paris Fashion Week, France - 25 Feb 2020
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Our 6 Favourite Male Celebrity Piercings (Done Right!)

It wasn’t until we were writing our 8 Things We Learned From Watching Tiger King article that we thought about doing a piece on men’s piercings. So, as promised, here it is…

While Joe Exotic is definitely an ear-piercing advocate, we thought we’d give some other celebs’ piercings some time to shine (above the waistline only, pals).

We’re no health experts, so instead of preaching about what needle to use where and exactly how sterilised it should be (a lot, we’re guessing), here’s a round-up of 6 male celebs that have got their piercings bang on… (subjectively).


Colin Farrell

Let’s start off with some subtle piercings – Colin Farrell’s lobe hoops are so subtle we bet you didn’t even realise he had them? Or maybe you did… either way, we’re into it. If you like to keep it simple, this is the look you should strive for.

'Widows' premiere, Arrivals, Toronto International Film Festival, Canada - 08 Sep 2018


Johnny Depp

The icon that is Johnny Depp takes pride in his flashy jewellery. His double lobe piercings can be as simple or as jazzed up as you like – he rocks it both ways.

Britain Johnny Depp, Berlin, Germany - 21 Feb 2020


Cristiano Ronaldo

If we’re talking about piercings, how could we miss out Ronaldo’s signature diamond stud? Keeping it to one ear only, if you like all-things-flashy, this is the look for you.



Frank Ocean

You see that little stud? Not Frank Ocean – we mean the piercing on his right (our left) ear. Cartilage piercings don’t half hurt, but they look pretty cool.



Shia LaBeouf

Now, don’t get us wrong – we’re not condoning this haircut whatsoever. We are, however, fans of the piercings. Shia LaBeouf’s slightly odd styling moment, he pairs his Tiffiany’s stud with an eyebrow piercing. It’s not for everyone, but we’re still diggin’ it.

'LoveTrue' documentary, Tribeca Film Festival, New York, America - 16 Apr 2015


Lenny Kravitz

One of the coolest guys in the business, Lenny Kravitz’s piercings are effortlessly cool… we mean, just look. Double lobe piercings in both ears and even a double nose piercing (look carefully), for a lot of metal, this is still incredibly understated. We have ourselves a winner…

Saint Laurent show, Front Row, Fall Winter 2020, Paris Fashion Week, France - 25 Feb 2020




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