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Nintendo Switch: Everything You Need To Know About The 21st Century’s Most Exciting Console

If you didn’t have a SNES, you had an N64 and if you didn’t have a Gameboy you at least had a Wii. Nintendo are the king of the console both at home and on the go and, with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, their back to show everyone else how it’s done. We had some hands-on time with one this week and it’s been worth the wait.

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The Innuendos Are Savage

Milking cows? Shaking a soda pop bottle until it bursts in your face? These are the type of brilliant drinking games that’ll make Ring Of Fire extinct and give you the forearm of a Greek demigod.

It Can Also Be Played On Your Telly

Handheld is great, but if you’re wanting to play Mario Kart with your mates with as much intensity as possible you need a big screen. Luckily, the Switch can be plugged into a docking station and connected to your TV.

Mario Kart Is Coming

April 28th sees the release of one of the greatest multiplayer games of all time – Mario Kart. There’s nothing quite like chucking a blue shell at some in first place to remind them how cruel life can be.

You Can Link Up With Up To 8 Consoles

No longer will you have to wait awkwardly for someone to lose so you can take their place. GAMING FOR EVERYONE.

It’s Got Six-Hour Battery Life

Your cramped and sweaty work commute just got a whole lot more entertaining. Play Zelda without the fear of running out of battery the minute you’ve turned it on.

You Can Transform It Into An Original Controller

The removable joy sticks are an amazing feature of the Switch to use in its interactive games, but when playing something for hours you might want a more traditional approach to gaming, which is why they’ve also created a proper control.

Its HD Rumble Is Incredible

There’s one game where you have to guess how many balls are in the controller and the vibration is that intense and accurate it actually feels like there are balls in the controller. What kind of witchcraft is this?

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