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New Yorkers Battle British Slang

We like to think we know New York pretty well. We’ve been there, we’ve opened a couple of stores, we’ve eaten their oversized food, we’ve managed not to offend anyone and we’ve even kind of got the hang of tipping at a bar EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. WE. BUY. A. BEER.

But how well does New York know us? Well, not us exactly, but our language. To get to the answer, we tracked down some of New York’s coolest guys and mercilessly quizzed them on their British slang knowledge. Here’s how they got on…

Patrick, 25, stylist // British slang: UP THE DUFF // actual definition: pregnant


Bruce, 27, fashion assistant // British slang: SPEND A PENNY // actual definition: urinate

British slang defined

Denzel, 19, musician // British slang: SKINT // actual definition: run out of money

Topman Blog - British Slang

JT, 26, musician // British slang: TAKE THE MICKEY // actual definition: make fun of

American tackle British slang

Zack, 30, stylist // British slang: ON THE LASH // actual definition: heavy drinking

Slang definitions

Arturo, 21, writer // British slang: BOB’S YOUR UNCLE // actual definition: there you go

New Yorkers take on English slang

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