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Your New Favourite Blogger: Gregory DelliCarpini Jr.

As if running one of New York’s coolest blogs isn’t enough for him, Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. also finds time to maintain an extremely impressive Instagram feed (James Franco follows him), bake espresso banana bread (occasionally) and chat to Topman (what a guy).

Want to know more about the man behind Oyster Colored Velvet? Check out our exclusive shoot and interview with our new favourite blogger…

How would you describe your style?
Experimental, soft and silly.

Who is your style icon?
Tilda Swinton, folks from Renaissance Italy and Mick Jagger.

Gregory DelliCarpini Jr Gregory DelliCarpini Jr

What’s your favourite current trend?
Aristocratic androgyny and this genderless John Wayne look. Click here to find out what the hell I’m talking about.

Who do you idolize?
My mom, Bette Davis, Virginia Woolf, Rupaul and anyone who sat through the entire showing of Lincoln. I couldn’t make it.

Describe the moment you realized you were an Instagram sensation:
When James Franco followed me.

If you could pick one social platform and get rid of the rest, which would it be?
INSTA. It’s my oxygen. Hit me up @gregoryvelvet.

Favourite food?
Any carb in any form. Swedish fish, cereal and ‘cacio e pepe’, a Roman pasta dish that is sex in a plate.

Oyster Colored Velvet Oyster Colored Velvet

Song you’re listening to right now?
Honestly, Beethoven. Classical music and whisky are the only things thats keep me calm.

Any other hidden talents?
I make a mean espresso banana bread and I sleep like a champion.

Favorite Topman piece from our website?
Everything. Duh. But really Topman suits are the bomb. They fit so well it makes me want to cry.

Armageddon is coming and you have one day left to live – tell us what you’d do in ONE sentence:
EAT, then head to the ocean with my finance, dog and whiskey and learn to surf drunk. Why not.

Describe yourself in 4 words.
Curious, Unique, Nervous and Tenacious. 😉

Come up with an original haiku:
World is vast and celestial.
So much out there to discover.
Right now, let’s drink.

If you couldn’t write/be in fashion/entertainment – what would you do?
I would either be a florist or an astronaut that was smart enough to become an astronaut without the many years of schooling.

How did you get into blogging/vlogging?
Miley told me to do it. Really though she said I should start my blog backstage at the Billboard awards. When Miley talks I listen.

What challenges do you face in blogging/vlogging?
I guess trying not to take things too seriously and keep them fun could be a challenge.

Describe the craziest experience you’ve had as an ‘influencer’?
Getting to travel with my fiancé is crazy amazing. And getting to be my own boss. I have had some hideous bosses in the past and it is so great not having to answer to anyone but yourself. Although, I could be a handful to put up with at times.

Keep up with Gregory on:
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Instagram: @gregoryvelvet
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