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What You Need to Know About Facial Hair in 2017

It used to be that bearded men were the outliers but over the last few years we’ve seen more and more men opting to grow a beard. With everyone sporting scruff, size alone isn’t enough to impress anymore – it’s all about facial hair trends now. To make sure we all get it right in 2017, we got in touch with the barbers at Murdock to get an insight into the styles worth having come January:

Beard Trends 2017

Shorter and controlled
If you’re the kind of guy who’s enjoyed the fortune of time to experiment with the size and shape of your facial hair due to your natural growth rate, then you’re perhaps getting to the stage of wanting to trim things down to a more comfortable length – this has certainly already become a popular request amongst clients. To begin the down-sizing process, with enough growth to work with, your barber should be able to cut into your neckline and create a shape adhering to your natural beard line, enhancing it to look stronger and sharper to best suit your facial features.

Beard Trends 2017

Longer but well maintained
Growing out a lumberjack-esque beard has become something of an end goal for many a man. If you’ve the gift of generous growth and decide to run with it, then you’ll no doubt appreciate that extra bit of winter comfort over the next few weeks too. Instead of taking those straggly loose ends, rogue hairs and overall unkempt shape into next summer however, 2017 as previously mentioned will be the year of the tidy beard. So do make better use of dedicated facial hair products (such as our award-winning Beard Moisturiser) and of course regular visits to your barber to enhance and define your greater shape and depth.

Beard Trends 2017

Getting rid altogether
If you’ve decided that your wondrous mass of facial fuzz has had its day, firstly don’t fear the bold move – you can always grow it back! Secondly, you’re certainly not the only man considering a fresh start for the year ahead. If you’ve enjoyed your time with facial hair but are considering pastures new, ensure you remove the bulk volume first with clippers before approaching with a razor. We’d naturally advise having your barber take care of the work for you to ensure the smoothest results to allow you to feel completely refreshed and sharply renewed as you venture into 2017 a clean-shaven chap.

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To find out what the biggest hair and beard trends are going to be next year, see what the team at Murdock had to say for themselves about it. 

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