The Mullet Is Back, Baby

Nostalgia is the worst. Nothing says unimaginative cash grab quite like a film or TV show that’s just a retread of things you liked when you were a kid. You can almost hear the greedy exec whispering ‘remember that thing you liked, it’s back again!’ in your ear whilst his hands fumble in your pocket for your loose change. But that’s not to say retreads are always a bad thing: for every two pointless, shallow remakes you’ll get a Stranger Things or a Blade Runner 2049, something that entirely re-imagines what came before it, not only making something new but making you look at the original in a whole new light.

Fashion and grooming goes through much the same pattern. Look at the insane popularity of 90’s style and streetwear today, with bumbags and acid wash jeans being worn by kids whose conception of the era is gleaned from well-curated Tumblrs and Instagram pages rather than actual experience.

But it’s looking like now, with the ’90s well and truly strip mined for all inspiration, designers and tastemakers sights are set slightly further back. That’s right, the ’80s is back in all of its bold coloured, more is more, all out, tasteless excess. And that includes the worst crime the decade perpetrated amongst a sea of terrible crimes: the mullet.

All business up top and party down the back, the mullet is emblematic of bad taste so imagine our surprise when we started seeing a few pop up on the catwalk, in fashion presentations, and in street style photography. Unable to believe this could really be happening, we got in touch with Denis Robinson, creative director of Ruffians to find out if history’s worst haircut outside of the tonsure was actually back on trend:

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‘There’s an inevitability about the return of the mullet, much loathed by the end of its last incarnation. There’s always someone who will get something purely because of its lack of fashion just to be ironic. But then, people start to think they’re missing something. Put this alongside the fact men are getting bored of looking the same there’s length to play with on a lot of guys hair that we’ve not seen for a while. However I don’t think they’ll be around for a long time more of a good time.’

So is the mullet back? Kind of. Should you get one? What do you think.

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