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Taper is the New Jean In Town

Slinking their way into our lives circa 2005 was the skinny jean. It was cool to be lean and Pete Docherty paired his skinnies with an even skinnier scarf. But there’s a new staple in town and that staple is the tapered jean.

Halfway between a skinny and a slim, the tapered jean is straight through the hips (whereas a skinny is tight fitting from hip to ankle) and then tapers down to the ankle which basically means they get slimmer without being skinny.

Aside from adding a touch of edge, their appeal is that they provide a casual cut with more structure than a skinny without being wide. If your legs are on the bigger side this can give you a little more room to move and still give the illusion of a slim (if not skinny) jean.


The beauty of a tapered jean is they lend themselves well to styling. Super skinny jeans don’t suit all shoes (beware the bulbous clown feet) and shirts and jackets can make you top heavy, especially in the winter.

With a tapered jean, your silhouette is marginally more structured and a slight gap at the ankle means sneakers and boots both work and with more room at the hip, shirts can be tucked in to belted jeans or left loose.

Want to accessorise? Try a contrasting or branded sock – tapered jeans allowed for the added detail without a mess of bunchy fabric.

Find our selection of tapered jeans here and thanks us later.




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