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Men’s Hair Trend Alert: Which Undercut Suits You?

The rise and rise of the Peaky Blinders show has led to a plethora of retro trends in the menswear industry, noticeably in the resurgence of loose fitting tailoring, baker boy hats and collar pins. But its presence can truly be felt in what’s arguably the most popular haircut since David Beckham’s pompadour – the undercut.

Usually longer and swept back on top, gradually faded into the back and sides, Cillian Murphy’s haircut has been pumped out of barbershops around the nation like a grooming equivalent of the fidget spinner (except that it’s not incredibly irritating and you don’t want to weep for humanity when you see one). But if the Peaky Blinders cut is a bit too extreme for you e.g. you think you might look like a Midget Gem with completely shaved sides and a dollop of hair on the top, don’t worry, there are other variations of the style for you to try out that will work for your head shape. Let Ruffians Richard Tucker (@tuckercuts) explain the alternatives and how you can get them…

Layered Undercut

With a high fade this one is definitely a harsher look! Still made to look smart with a faded transition instead of just a number 0 taken to the sides. Longer layers on top to create movement a bit like Brad Pitt in the movie Fury. This creates volume as when undercuts get long they can become flat without the right products. Styled with Ruffians pomade to add definition, just add a pea size amount and with your hands work through after a towel dry.

Textured Undercut

It’s all about the texture in this one. Still a hint of a fade below the temple areas but mostly this cut brings your eyes to the definite disconnection and movement through the top. This style can actually be worn back as well as forward. Styled with Ruffians Styling paste and L’Oréal salt spray to pick out the texture and de-fluff the top.

Med Fade Undercut

Creating a contrast between the top and the sides. This cut is less harsh than some under cuts, great if you want an undercut but don’t want to go for the 1920s Peaky Blinders version, which can be too much of a statement for some. The med fade leaves enough hair on the top sides for the longer hair to flow into, almost seems like it’s connected but it’s actually flowing in to the fade.

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