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Dadcore: It’s a Thing. Really.

The girls have their ‘mom jeans’, but we’ve got something better – it turns out that all things dad are trending this autumn.

Fashion’s a funny old thing, it’s had a pop at reinterpreting everything from 90s tracksuits to Edwardian ruffles, but AW17 sees the cool kids look to their old man for inspiration. From focussing on practicality to embracing anti-fit – here are the five golden rules of Dadcore.


Menswear Trend: Fleeces

Get Fleeced

It wasn’t that long ago that you had to be a full-on actual dad to wear a fleece. We don’t just mean that you looked like a dad, we mean that you wouldn’t own one unless you’d contributed genetic material towards the birthing of offspring. Now they’re everywhere – adopted by teens Supremed up to their eyeballs and faux-wilderness workwear types, dressed for a hiking trek despite spending their 9-5 in a vaguely industrial co-working space.


Men's trend: dadcore and anoraks

Anorak Attack

Fact is, crisp formal overcoats have become too TOWIE. You know what we mean, they’re usually camel in colour, worn a size too small and paired with skinny jeans and bare, hairless, spray-tanned ankles. That’s just not Dadcore. Not enough pockets. Not enough Velcro. Instead, make like Jezza and go for an always useful anorak – it’ll never go out of fashion because it’ll never really be in fashion.


Trend - Dad Caps

Dad Cap

Forget trucker caps, snapbacks or any other faddy headwear, it’s the soft peaked baseball cap that’s proper dad. The design sometimes features sports team insignia, but more often it’ll display a logo for a business that really shouldn’t be creating its own merch – a charcoal supplier or a regional asbestos removals firm, for example. Fashion has taken this favourite dad freebie and overhauled the branding to including slogans, embroidery and Japanese motifs.


Praise the Cord

Ribbed for his pleasure, corduroy has long been the preserve of middle-aged geography teachers with questionable motives for chaperoning overnight field trips. Now, though, it’s one of AW17’s key fabrics – think cord blazers, shirts and trousers – found in earthy neutral shades and sharp whites. If it’s good enough for Clarkson…


Mens Jeans Trends

Anti-Fit Jeans

For a long time, jeans trends have been dominated by a focus on fit – from skinny to straight to baggy – your jeans silhouette has probably defined your whole look. Dadcore rejects this notion, rejects fit in its entirety and, instead, promotes anti-fit. Dads have paired their anti-fit denim with just about everything in their wardrobe for decades, but we say steer clear of the pointy shoes and wear yours with minimal sneakers and a puffer jacket.

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