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Meet The Cast Of The Topman 2020 Christmas Campaign ‘The Ones We Love’

If you haven’t already, now’s your time to discover our new Christmas campaign ‘The Ones We Love’. And, while you’re here, why not get to know the cast, too?

This festive season, we want to celebrate the people and moments of joy that shape the world around us. So, for our Christmas campaign: The Ones We Love, we’ll be shining the spotlight on exciting new talent and friends of the brand.

On the shoot, we interviewed the cast members and asked them about everything from their go-to winter outfit to what Christmas means to them. Keep reading to see the cast members in our edit of comfy and smart styles for any occasion this festive season, and find out a little more about them while you’re at it…


Chey Maya & Ashton Gohil

Power couple and regular collaborators to TOPSHOP TOPMAN, Chey Maya and Ashton Gohil have a combined modelling portfolio to be envied. Having worked amongst some of the biggest names in the business across international fashion weeks, these two are quickly becoming recognisable faces in the industry.

Check out Chey’s Instagram here and Ashton’s Instagram here.



How did you two meet?

Ash: We both have different stories for this. We were friends for six months and then we started dating.

Chey: Well, my story is that I reached out to him and he aired me. Then a year later, things were different and he slid into my DMs and then we took it from there.

Ash: Yeah she did message me on Twitter and we had a really dire conversation and nothing ever happened. Then six or seven months later we actually met and we got to know each other.

Chey: He’s my best friend.


What Christmas message would you share with the ones you love?

Ash: To friends and family I’d say stay well, enjoy, eat and be merry. As my Grandma used to say “Stay safe, well and happy”. Chey’s got it tattooed on her in shorthand!

Chey: Ashton’s Grandma was a shorthand typist and this is called Pitman’s Shorthand.

Ash: Yeah, in the 60s she was a really fast typewriter; they had to write things in shorthand and type it because it was so fast. She wrote it down and Chey recently got it tattooed on herself.


Bruce Herbelin-Earle

Half English, half French, you might recognise Bruce Herbelin-Earle from Netflix’s award-winning series Free Rein. Growing up, Bruce imagined himself as a voiceover artist but soon found he had a plethora of talents including acting, producing (he was an executive producer and appeared as the character Kyle in Wretched Things) and a writer (see his episode of A Series of Light on Amazon prime). Oh, and he’s a great model, too…

Check out Bruce’s Instagram here.



What’s your style like?

Bruce: I think I’d categorise my style as loose-fitting and easy-going, but I love to get dressed up in shirts. I’m not really a big shoe guy, though. I usually scuff ‘em up within two weeks! I’m more of a big jumper, jacket, coat and woolly hat kind of guy. For me, winter is about the hats, scarves and keeping yourself snug. When you’re walking around town, you gotta keep warm!


What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

Bruce: It would have to be of the weeks leading up the Christmas Eve and Christmas day. There are charities that go around our town collecting money for orphaned children and they go down the streets dressed as Santa Claus and his elves. When I was 8 years old I was like, “This is incredible, Santa’s come early! Here, take my money!”, and my parents would give me a few coins to put in the box. I was just fascinated by it.


Rafferty Law & Kelvin Bueno

Oldest Son of Jude Law and Sadie Frost, Raff Law is a model, musician and up and coming actor. Keep an eye out for his debut in the 2021 movie Twist, a modern adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic. When he’s not on screen, Raff plays in his band Outer Stella Overdrive alongside Kelvin, Brazilian model and graffiti artist. Kelvin’s modelled for the likes of Burberry, Pat Mcgrath, GQ, and Levi’s, so it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited to have them both here.

Check out Raff’s Instagram here and Kelvin’s Instagram here.



What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in 2020?

Raff: The biggest lesson I learned in 2020 is that everyone gets caught up in this rat race of life and we’re constantly trying to do something or be somewhere or show our worth but when that got stripped back, it was really amazing. If someone had told me I’d have to spend months with my family, wouldn’t be working and wouldn’t be able to see my friends I’d have said I would have gone crazy. It made me realise that I’m so lucky with the people I have around me and the support system I have snd that as long as I have them around I’m gonna be alright.

Kelvin: Love is all you need, baby. I think exactly what you said.


You’ve got £5 to spend on a Secret Santa for the other person. What are you buying them?

Raff: Easy. With a fiver, I’d buy Kelvin a clock because then he might arrive to rehearsal on time for once. But it’s all good, we’ve got used to it.

Kelvin: A fiver? I’d get Raff five packets of Mccoy’s crisps because he loves them so much.



MC, music producer, actor and model, London boy Blakie is making waves in the industry and we’re 100% here for it. From his role in Eastenders to his part in Top Boy, Blakie has been gracing our screens in more ways than one. When it comes to music, he’s received credit for the production of the song Crime Riddim on Skepta’s Mercury award-winning album Konnichiwa and he’s performed his own material at festivals all over the world. Get to know him a little better below…

Check out his Instagram here.



What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

Blakie: My best Christmas memory would probably be this time when we went to one of my friend’s house. My friends come from different cultures and everyone brought their traditional dishes which we ate together as one big family, it was lovely, man


What gift would you love to receive this Christmas?

Blakie: Honestly? The gift I’d love to receive is a remote-control aeroplane. I’m obsessed with planes – I love aeroplanes. I’ve wanted to be a pilot since I was 4. I do flying lessons at Beacon Hill airport when I can.


What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Blakie: When I was younger, I learned Do They Know It’s Christmas? in sign language which we’d always play at Christmas. I like that song because it’s all about unity.


Sean Sagar

You’ve seen him in The Gentleman, Top Boy, Our Girl and more, we welcome London-based actor Sean Sagar to our Christmas campaign. Having been an actor for 10 years, he sure knows his way around a set. Bringing all the energy and good vibes, take a look at what Sean Sagar has to say about Christmas.

Check out his Instagram here.



What’s your go-to party drink?

Sean: My go-to party-trick would have to be dancing. Street-dance – the lot. I learned how to do back-flips but I wouldn’t really try that if I was having a cheeky Christmas drink. I definitely wouldn’t try to do a backflip in front of my parents…


What does Christmas look like for your family?

Sean: It’s nothing but jokes, good people, food, games and drinks. It’s the one time where all of us come together as a family – like the catch up of the year. When it gets to about 6pm and the parents get tired, all my mates come round for drinks and eat leftover food and we play games. It’s a time where everyone gets to meet up and connect.


What message would you share with your loved ones this Christmas?

Sean: Cherish those moments of love, fun and laughter because you never know what can happen. It’s all about living in the moment and being present.


Check out the full Christmas campaign and shop the collection here.




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