How To Make Your Teeth Whiter DIY Style

They say that a smile is your most powerful accessory, and we’d agree, but only if you’ve been looking after your teeth properly. So, if your gnashers are more ‘coffee-stained Sugar Puffs’ than ‘pearly-white dazzlers’, it might take a bit of TLC to restore them to their former glory.

But before you go running to a dental technician and dropping thousands of pounds on some sort of alien abduction-esque UV light treatment, with one of those weird spacer things in your mouth that makes you look like a pound shop version of Predator, you’d be wise to try a few of these somewhat less invasive home remedies first.


Watch what you’re putting in your mouth

Credit: The Simpsons/FOX

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest contributing factors to discoloured teeth is the stuff they come into contact with. Things like tea, coffee, red wine and processed food can all play a significant role in turning otherwise healthy teeth that dreaded yellow colour. We’re not saying you need to forego your obligatory morning brew, but what we are saying is maybe try brushing your teeth after it. Be conscious of this and you’ll be on your way whiter teeth.


Make your own DIY tooth-whitening paste

Credit: Friends/NBC

You don’t have to spend a fortune on over-the-counter teeth-whitening kits – you can simply make your own at home. Granted, it certainly ain’t going to taste nice, but that’s a small price to pay for a glistening Hollywood smile. Mix two parts apple cider vinegar with one part baking soda and apply the mixture to your teeth a few times a week. If you can’t be bothered to do that, you can simply use apple cider vinegar on its own, in place of your regular mouthwash.


Get your 5-a-day

Credit: RCA Records

You probably don’t need us to tell you that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables has its benefits for your health, but did you know it can also help to keep your smile looking radiant too? Well, it can, and many celebs actually swear by strawberries and pineapple when it comes to keeping their teeth whiter than white. A mixture of strawberry and bicarbonate of soda can break down plaque buildup on the surface of the teeth and make them appear whiter instantly.


Put the fags down

Credit: ABC News

Woah! Hold the front page! Cigarettes are bad for your health?! Well, yeah, obviously. You probably already know about some of the horrific ways in which smoking fags can damage your health, but if that hasn’t already put you off then maybe this will. Surprise, surprise – smoking is bad for your teeth as well as every single other component of your being. When you’ve got the smoke from 2o cigs a day wafting over them relentlessly, it stands to reason that you’re going to acquire some nicotine stains. Not pleasant. Give up.


Bust the chemistry set out

Credit: Breaking Bad/ABC

If the apple cider vinegar method just isn’t quite industrial enough for you, you can always try the hydrogen peroxide method. According to Colgate, all you need to do is mix two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon of baking soda, mix it into a paste and get brushing. Let the mixture stand on your teeth for a minute or so and then rinse. Make sure not to overdo it though. We’d suggest limiting yourself to a couple of times a week.

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