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Lennon Gallagher On Memes, Nirvana And Style

It’s not easy following in your father’s footsteps, especially when your ol’ pops is the most iconic British frontman of all time. It’s not a legacy most of us have to live up to, but that’s what Lennon Gallagher (son of Oasis’s Liam Gallagher) has to do.

But instead of going down the obvious route of picking up a guitar, Lennon has chosen to venture down a different path – modelling. Making his debut at Topman Design’s AW17 show earlier this year, the 17-year-old has now become the face of our latest campaign. We caught up with menswear’s next big face to discuss style, Nirvana and memes (AKA the holy trinity).

Interview Published 18th May 2017.


Leather jacket or tracksuit?

Why not both? I mean, I do love myself a leather jacket. But on a Monday morning when I go to college it has to be tracksuits.


Favourite band?

F*cking Nirvana man! I went through a massive grunge phase. They are definitely my number one, as well as Kurt Cobain’s early stuff like Fecal Matter. They’ve got some sick music.




Best place to get a drink?

* Looks sheepishly at his mum and puts on unconvincing tone *

I am 17 so I wouldn’t know where to get a drink!


What new music are you listening to

Rat Boy. He’s sick. I went to a few of his gigs up in Leeds a year and a half ago, but he only got big quite recently. My younger brother Gene is obsessed with him. He’s incredibly creative and he makes his own clothes and stickers – it’s f*cking awesome.


What football team do you support?

I’m not too big on football, but if I had to say a team it’d have to be Man City or my dad would freak out.


What’s your favourite current meme?

Ahhh I could go really f*cked up here. The one I find really hilarious at the minute is how Italians hold stuff, it’s so stupid. Me and my older brother have jokes regarding memes. I just tag him in stuff on Facebook and he’s like, “what the f*ck was that?” Have you heard they’ve made memes into a university course now? Like, what’s your degree in? ‘Memeology’.


Could you see yourself getting into that?

If modelling fails and I don’t get into acting I’ll just go to university and talk about memes.


Your dad must have a pretty impressive wardrobe. Do you ever steal his clothes?

All the time! When I’m at my dad’s I have to break into his wardrobe, it’s like Mission Impossible. Me and my younger brother will go try and check them out and he’ll be like, “don’t get into my fucking wardrobe!” He’s got some really cool Adidas sneakers. My mum has really cool clothes too, and I have to admit, I have nicked some of them before… my older brother’s clothes too.

Patsy Kensit (his mum): His brother has to do a sweep of his room once a week…

Lennon: He’ll come in and be like, “I HAVE FOUND SIX ITEMS OF MY CLOTHING IN YOUR WARDROBE, LENNON. WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?!” I did a small shoot for ID magazine and they took some photos of me wearing my brother’s Adidas jumper, and he messaged me from Abu Dhabi asking why the f*ck I was wearing his clothes.


What’s your favourite current trend?

I don’t think I know any! I transition through so many different styles, but at the minute I’ve been wearing a lot of skater clothes. I’ve been going to Slam City Skates a lot recently for a lot of Dickies and other brands.


So are you attending a lot of drops?

I’ve never been to a Supreme or Palace drop. I’ve got some friends who have camped outside the stores and stuff. What got me into skating was my mum; she showed me this documentary called All This Mayhem about Tas and Ben Pappas. It was pretty interesting. They dealt with drugs and stuff like that, it was so captivating.




Were you nervous walking your first show for Topman Design? Are you the type of person to have pre-show rituals?

I didn’t have enough time to get stressed. I went to the casting the day before and they said to come the next morning at 11am. I was like… oh, ok. I have to come up with an excuse for school now! I don’t have any rituals though apart from drinking a shit ton of coffee. But I was sh*tting bricks.


Have you been given any advice on dealing with this new limelight you’re in?

Not really. But Models One, the agency I’m with, offer a social media class to learn how to deal with that, which I do want to do eventually. It’s weird – I’m not sure how to deal with it. My Mum and Dad have kept me out of the spotlight for a lot of my younger life. But yeah, I do need to go talk to my agency before I say something f*cking weird on Instagram.






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