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#Outfitgrid: Menswear’s Coolest Instagram Movement

Meet the mind behind the Instagram community that’s got men laying out their style – literally.  With a resume that spans everything from street-skate hybrid label Diamond Supply Co., to sportswear giant Nike, Dennis Todisco knows what men’s style means in the Internet age. Just look at the follower count on his personal Instagram, @dennistodisco, which is almost 70,000 people deep.

Now posted up at Twitter as the Head of Community at Niche, he’s using his social media savvy not just at his day job, but his booming side project. Todisco is the creator of @Outfitgrid, an Instagram community dedicated to showing off rare sneakers, limited-edition fashion pieces, and envy-inducing streetwear labels. Unlike bloggers or Instagrammers who post selfies of themselves in cool outfits, Outfitgrid democratizes the process by letting the pieces speak for themselves. An entire outfit is splayed out on the floor in a square, a layout conducive to Instagram, then photographed from above, resulting in a unique way to display the clothes. Whether you’re a first-time Instagram user or a total addict, you’ve likely stumbled across an #outfitgrid when scrolling through your feed. All you have to do to be a part of the community is use the #Outfitgrid hashtag, and Todisco posts one winner each day at 8 PM PST. It’s really that simple—and also why the idea’s catching on fast. With a strong following of over 630,000 users (and growing every day), Outfitgrid’s community spans across the globe, from America to London to Kuwait. We sat down with Todisco and talked about how he started @Outfitgrid, how he picks the winner, and what the place of tailoring is in the modern menswear pantheon.

Today’s top #outfitgrid is by @_chefsupreme. ▫️#424 #Hoodie ▫️#HM #Jacket ▫️#FOG #Tee ▫️#APC #Denim ▫️#Visvim #GrizzlyBoot

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How has the Internet affected how men consume fashion—and men’s style as a whole?
The Internet and style are so intertwined. There’s really an entire segment of fashion that just wouldn’t exist without the Internet

You pioneered the #Outfitgrid. In your opinion, what’s unique about showcasing an outfit in that format?
It’s the perfect combination of letting the pieces really speak for themselves simply and beautifully through your own though process and creativity. Honestly, it’s incredible to not only see people all over from Tokyo to LA contribute—but what they come up with. No two fits are exactly the same

Browsing through outfit grids, there’s plenty of streetwear, sportswear and contemporary silhouettes. Tailored garments—things like traditionally tailored trousers, topcoats, suiting—are sparse. What’s the place of tailoring in the modern wardrobe?
Go back five years when everyone was super keen on proper menswear and you’ll see much more traditionally tailored garments trending on the Internet. Traditional pieces will always have a place in a man’s wardrobe. Think about it: There are dedicated occasions, like weddings and funerals, that require those types of clothes. Besides, you’ll still see a Loro Piana overcoat or Raf [Simons] blazer on @outfitgrid. Now it’s just that the consumer now values comfort, flowing silhouettes, and sneakers—as opposed to things like brogues and pleated pants—for their everyday wear

How can guys learn about and improve their personal style via social media?
Guys should follow the designers of the brands they love. It should provide an inside look at what those labels are thinking. Check the hashtags of brands and specific pieces you like, too. Find other people that do those pieces justice, and give them a follow. Keep in mind that anybody can inspire you…and they don’t have to have 100k+ followers to be inspirational

What’s your advice on how to build the perfect #outfitgrid?
Just wear what you love

Today’s top #outfitgrid is by @ldn2hk. ▫️#OpeningCeremony x #AlphaIndustries #Bomber ▫️#Margiela #Tee ▫️#Zanerobe #Pants ▫️#NikeLab x #Acronym #LF1

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Today’s top #outfitgrid is by @ldn2hk. ▫️#Stutterheim #Coat ▫️#Pigalle #Tee ▫️#12AMRun #Hat ▫️#StampdLA #Pants ▫️#Adidas x #Solebox #UltraBoost

A photo posted by Outfitgrid™ (@outfitgrid) on

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