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Drew Scott’s Five Key Spring Break Looks

Fashion bloggers are 90% nonsense so when you come across someone who really dresses well and knows exactly what he’s talking about, it’s a bit of a relief. Drew Scott (of iamDrewScott) is one of the good guys.

So with spring break just around the corner, we got in touch with him to get his expert opinion on five essential looks that will work no matter where you end up going.

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‘Lately, I have been in love with vintage style cuts and boxy sweatshirts. I wanted to create this beach look for the individual who wants to give an ode to the 90’s. This look is also easy convertible to a more airy approach by taking off the sweater and tying it around the waist to reveal a reverve collar or button down short sleeve (an essential in my spring break wardrobe). Pack a pair of swim shorts for the road, however, I tend to wear jeans a lot to the beach and change when necessary!’

‘This look definitely adds a punch to the party. Bold contrasting colors came to mind prior to styling this look and that is one of my main tips when styling for spring break. Have fun with color and don’t be afraid to mix and match silhouettes. A more cropped sweater pairs perfectly with an elasticated pant. I knew that I wanted some focal point to this outfit so the graphic on the sweater did it for me.’

‘90% of the time you can find me in this exact outfit during the warmer spring break weather. Dressing for heat can be super hard especially if you are used to layers. I think this look is super great because there are a few small details that don’t add heat to the outfit. Start off with the most basic of tees and add a bold graphic print button-down on top. This approach first off is super beachy but also gives you that extra “wow” factor.’

‘The boardwalk isn’t always that warm. Ocean air can be pretty chilly and that’s why I opted for a hoodie in this outfit. Hoodies in general, have been a recent favorite styling piece of mine and I knew an electric pop of color would perfectly play down the warm looking layer. Throw on some swim trunks and a pair of simple sneakers to finish off the bottom half. A hat can also be a life savior in windy weather as I know personally that my hair gets crazy!’

‘I’m obsessed with the play of pattern throughout this look. I think all of these micro-patterns play off each other perfectly and give a lot of interest to the look. Whenever I style for a more formal “city” look, I opt for the cropped trouser as it’s a bit more effortless. The top half consists of a fitted blazer and any graphic button down you may have worn to the beach earlier. Such a simple look when you think about the pieces however it really packs an impact.’

Shop Drew’s edit.

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