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Insider Grooming Tips with Men’s Skincare Brand Bulldog

If we start talking about men’s skincare do you promise you won’t run a mile?

And really, you shouldn’t – what could possibly be scarier than the prospects of broken out, dirty skin?

To prevent the preventable, we’ve teamed up with the guys at Bulldog Skincare to chat about why men need to get in touch with their skincare routines to avoid the daunting destiny that is damaged skin. Spare us a sec for some solid expert tips and you’ll be thanking us for a lifetime.



Skincare hacks for the new season

The weather changes from season to season, so naturally, your skin changes too. Whether your skin starts to dry up, starts to break out or even starts to turn oil-overload, here’s what Simon Duffy, founder of Bulldog skincare has to say.


“As we transition to the colder season, it’s important to up the ante with moisturising as the combination of harsh weather and central heating wreaks havoc with your skin barrier.”


What Bulldog products he recommends:


“Our Original 24hr Moisturiser is an intense formula that will hydrate your skin without leaving a greasy residue. I would also recommend using a gentle face scrub twice a week to buff away flaky skin and brighten your complexion.”


What we thought:

True, the colder weather outside and the heating in the office has confused our skin, especially with frequent visits to the gym where the air con is blasting. The face scrub and the moisturiser are musts. Use the scrub first to rid of all dirt and dead skin and follow with the moisturiser. Unlike lots of moisturisers you find on the shelves, this one doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or clogged up. We use it in the morning and before bed every day, and depending on the weather, we’ll whack it in the work bag, too.


Shaving Points

Topman was really excited to see Bulldog release their new Original Bamboo Razor. FUN (ish) FACT: In the US alone, two billion plastic razors are being sent to landfill each year! With the whole ‘use less plastic’ movement going on, what better timing – and reason – for Bulldog to do their little bit? Tools in hand, we asked Simon Duffy for his expert shaving tips.


“Using a blunt razor is still one of the biggest shaving mistakes. These will cause nicks and bumps. Clean sharp blades are a prerequisite for a close and comfortable shave. Depending on how often and how much of your face and body you shave, I would replace your blades after every 5-10 shaves.

For a good quality and close shave, exfoliate your skin with a face scrub as your first step (to better lift ingrown hairs). Apply a shave gel with aloe vera to minimise irritation and then shave in the direction of hair growth. If you have facial hair to navigate around, our Original Bamboo Razor has a precision trimmer so you can shape your beard with ease. Following your shave, rinse off any residue with cool water before moisturising. Finally, don’t rush. Enjoy your shave!”


What we thought:

We had to get our hands on this Razor, and after putting it to the test it’s safe to say we won’t be going back to plastic. Equipped with 5 tempered steel blades, a flexible head, a precision trimmer and lubricating aloe vera strip, we had everything we needed for a clean, guilt-free shave.


Stubble control

Autumn/ Winter days call for little give on the upkeep of facial hair. Who wants to be clambering out of bed early on cold mornings to trim their stubble? We wondered whether there was a quick stubble control solution so we can catch those extra few zeds, and, as expected, Bulldog had the answers.


“Whilst stubble is a super easy look to pull of, and suits pretty much everyone, it will still require a small amount of maintenance. Keep it neat by getting rid of facial hair on your neck as this will keep your stubble clearly defined. Also, remember to moisturise. When your hair grows, it can wick away moisture from the skin which can cause dry patches and sometimes itchiness. Our new Original Stubble Moisturiser is made specifically for men with stubble. It will soften facial hair and the skin underneath easily rubbing into stubbly skin. For the best growth, try to let your stubble grow for two days for the perfect 5-o’clock shadow.”


What we thought:

The feeling of scratchy stubble is all too familiar, so we were pretty keen to put this to the test. We find there are a lot of facial exfoliators out there that either don’t have enough ‘scrub’ or simply have too much. We want to sooth our skin, not shred it. The Bulldog Gentle Face Scrub met us in the middle – enough to rid of the bad stuff but not too much to rid of the good stuff as well. Using this a few times a week, we’ve found our face feels softer and our facial hair had picked up on growth. Win-win.


Information overload?




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