How To Wear A Statement Suit

You’re ready to evolve from the archetypal grey and navy suits in to a more vibrant, summer ready coloured or printed suit, like a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon into it’s new life as a butterfly. Only this butterfly enjoys Wes Anderson films and strictly drinks flat whites. None of this instant nonsense.

But how do you exactly make the leap from timeless tailoring to avant-guard suiting? It’s not exactly the easiest sartorial step-up to master, but with these simple styling tips you’ll be able to find your gateway into statement suits and nail the look in no time.


Tone It Down With A White Tee

Wear This To: Summer Wedding Night-Do

To ease you into the bold trend just try out a casual approach. Swapping out the formal shirt and smart shoes for a basic crisp white tee and your favourite sneakers is a no-fuss, timesaving combo that’ll work with whatever colour you go for.

Mix & Match

Wear This To: The Races

You might find yourself in a sea of black suits and white shirts if you’re going to the races, like being lost in a colony of drunken penguins. So if you don’t want to blend in with the crowd, mix and match your energetic suit by splitting it up with your existing wardrobe, like this green blazer that’s been perfectly paired with a blue oxford shirt, tweed waistcoat and white chinos.

Extra styling tip: if your race requires formal shoes, we’d suggest going for a pair of suede loafers.

Go Retro

Wear This To: Cocktail Bar

Whether you’re more of an Assassination of Gianni Versace fan (the show, not the actual murder) or GTA: Vice City kinda guy, a pink suit and a floral shirt is this summer’s #1 smart casual trend you need to experiment with. The key to this is matching your shirt to your tailoring rather than clashing, as the suit is already saying what you need it too.

Shoulder pads not included. We burnt them.

With A Roll Neck

Wear This To: Rooftop Party

Shirt too formal? T-shirt too casual? Meet in-between the two and opt for a black roll neck jumper, which will go with any kind of statement suit you select – from red, to pink, to green.

The beauty of the roll neck is that it can be accessorised with jewellery, where as an open shirt and a necklace might verge on ‘70s cop/porn star depending on the amount of chest hair you don. A traditional pendent necklace will compliment the look effectively.

Go Full Throttle

Wear This To: Prom

Do not rent a tuxedo for your prom, there’s a 99% chance something real weird happened in that suit. Make your own memories in something completely different; something that will make you stick out in your yearbook, like a jacquard suit with gold stitching, inspired by vintage Japanese kimono prints.

The suit does all the work for you, so keep your shirt unassuming and clean. But don’t be afraid to go for the bowtie instead of the expected tie (after all, you’ve came this far).


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