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How To Survive Your Office Summer Party

Forget the Christmas do (for now). Whilst we’re in the peak of summer, our focus is on that infamous summer party…

Stressed, dehydrated, and drinks flowing, every summer party is bound to get a little boozy. With work (usually) the next day (Thursday is the new Friday, after all), here’s our quick guide on how to survive your office summer party.


Make sure you have a good lunch.

None of this soup business – if you know you’re having a big one, make sure you have a proper lunch. When it comes to drinking with your work lot, eating is absolutely not cheating.

Grab a mate and set boundaries.

The aim of the night is to leave with your dignity intact (we hope it is, anyway?). If you know you have a tendency to get a little out of hand, set boundaries with your mate to keep each other at a good level. An example would be, “if you see me dancing on a table with tequila and Sandra from accounts, take me home”.



Leave your office politics in the office.

You’re heading out to let your hair down, so leave all the work stress in the office. Don’t end up ranting to your boss about something that happened last week in meeting room 5. Also, if you’ve had a couple of disputes with a colleague, now is not the time to iron them out.

Equally, what happens at the party should stay at the party.

The best way to avoid rumours and speculations from spreading? Well, aside from not doing anything potentially scrutinising in the first place, don’t talk about it the next day. That hook up you regret? Leave it where it belongs!

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Get mingling.

We’re all for mingling. Office parties are a great excuse to chat with people in different areas of the business. You’ll never know when you might need to call in a favour. Plus, it’s nice being familiar with people you’re always passing.

Be wary of social media.

You may want everyone to know you’re having a great time, but just be aware of what you post after you’ve had a couple. It’s also worth making sure nobody is filming you, either. You don’t want that video of you attempting the worm circulating the office for years to come.



Make sure you know where you’re staying.

Another great rumour-starter. Make sure you know where you’re ending up; plan your journey home and save enough time for it. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck and having to fork out £100 for an Uber. Plus, if the night results in you crashing at a colleagues’ place that you’re not that close with, who knows what people may say.

Eat when you get home.

Whether you’re exceptionally drunk or just a bit merry, it’s always a safe bet to have something to eat when you get in. Whether it’s a full-works kebab or a slice of toast, trust us, you’ll thank yourself for it in the morning.


Eat a good breakfast the next morning (and dose up on paracetamol for that hangover headache). You need to make it for that 9am meeting and you don’t want your boss or your colleagues thinking you can’t hack a night out. Plus, you’re going to need all the energy you can get to make it to 5pm.




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