How To Pick The Right Jeans For Every Occasion

There was a time when wearing a pair of jeans to a job interview would’ve been a great way to ensure you didn’t get invited back for a second one. However, times have changed and what was once solely the domain of weather-beaten railroad workers from rural America is now a genuine wardrobe staple for the modern man.

In fact, things have swung so far in the opposite direction that now it’s tricky to think of a setting where a pair of jeans just flat out wouldn’t work…provided you wear the right ones, that is. Select your colour wisely and there’s no reason you can’t rock denim every day of the week. Just match the shade to the situation and you can’t go far wrong.


Occasion: The First Date

Your first meeting with a potential romantic partner is no time to be conducting risky style experiments. With that firmly in mind, why not leave the hot pink drainpipes and string vest in the wardrobe until you’re on a more solid ground and opt for something simple instead?

The Jeans: Black and Basic

It’s impossible to get it wrong with plain black denim. It’s stylish, it’s timeless and it goes with just about anything you could think of. This makes a pair of classic black jeans the perfect wingman to ensure you secure date number two. Team yours up with a black leather jacket, white revere collar shirt and black suede boots for a look that’ll fit right in wherever the evening happens to take you.

Occasion: The Night Out

A night out on the town gives you a bit more room for manoeuvre in terms of colour. However, don’t go overboard with rips and detailing – if the night takes you to a more upmarket establishment you don’t want to be the guy who gets the whole group denied entry.

The Jeans: Dark Mid-Wash

A dark wash is a solid option in this instance. It’s subtle, versatile and can easily be dressed up or down to suit. For a solid evening outfit, wear a pair with suede loafers an Oxford shirt and a light jacket.

Occasion: The Weekend Break

When you’re heading off for a weekend away, packing light is key. If you’re clever about it, there’s no reason to take more than one pair of jeans. What you need is a shade of denim that can cover all bases. You need something you can wear with a shirt and smart shoes when heading out for an evening meal, but that you can also team up with trainers and a hoodie for exploring throughout the day.

The Jeans: Casual Mid-Wash

A casual mid-wash style ticks all of the above boxes. Denim doesn’t come much more versatile than this making it ideal for when you only want to stick to one pair.

Occasion: The Music Festival

While shorts are the seasoned festivalgoer’s legwear of choice, it’s always wise to have a pair of jeans at your disposal for the evenings (just in case the weather isn’t quite what you hoped it might be). Naturally, your denim will need to be mosh-pit friendly, so picking something with a few rips is a wise way to go. It’s also going to serve you well to opt for a shade that’s easy enough to style, but dark enough to disguise the inevitable spilt drinks.

The Jeans: Ripped

Black denim is the OG; that rich, blue colouring is what jeans are famous for. It’s a style that will never fall from fashion, so it’s well worth having a pair in your wardrobe to rely on. Try wearing them with a band tee and the obligatory festival wellies. Or, you can simply just rock them with some trainers if you’re feeling confident enough about the weather.

Occasion: The Job Interview

In a world where the biggest companies on the face of the earth have astro-turfed offices – complete with slides and games consoles – wearing jeans to an interview is no longer the one-way ticket back to unemployment that it once was. Granted, if you’re interviewing for a job as the CEO of a hedge fund you may want to put some proper trousers on, but if you’re trying out for a job in the creative or technology industries, a pair of jeans can work nicely. The trick is to work the rest of the outfit to smarten up the jeans. Don’t think that jeans can simply allow you to be sloppy – this is not the case.

The Jeans: Classic Grey

Nothing says “I’m going to be very good at this job” quite like a pair of grey jeans…probably. Seriously though, style them up with a crisp Oxford shirt, a crew neck jumper and some loafers and you’ll definitely boost your chances of getting a callback (even if it is just to come on board as a personal stylist for the boss).

No matter where you’re off to, you’ll always be able to find a pair of jeans to suit the occasion. Luckily for you, we’ve got an extensive range to make sure you’re covered on all grounds.


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