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How To Master The Home Gym With Mirafit: The HIIT Edition

Working on your summer bod is all very well, but trips to the gym after a long day at work can really take its toll on you. 

Imagine a world where you can roll up home, roll up your sleeves and get on with your exercising right there and then. Well, now you can (and it won’t cost you a fortune, either). We’re jumping onboard the home gym craze and, with a little help from Mirafit, we’re showing you how easy it actually is.

If you’re into a quick HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout, you’re in the right place. If you, like our other editor, enjoy a slower-paced yoga-centred session, have a read here.



Fitness, for us, is just as much about convenience as it is about the actual workout. Exercise needs to fit around our lives, not the other way around. This is why we’ve ventured into the world of home gyms… we get more time back and we get more time working out… it’s a win-win.

When it comes to starting up your own home gym, there are a few things you need to get yourself going. Firstly, a space to do it! Why not convert that spare room that nobody ever stays in into your personal gym? How about the other half of your garage that you’re saving for a dream car you might get in 20 years? As long as you have enough room for activities, you’re good to go.



We know what you’re thinking, and no. You don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on state-of-the-art equipment to get a good workout. All you need is some staples that’ll help you work on key areas (as well as a whole load of motivation).

We worked with Mirafit to pick out our favourite bits that we’ll be using to make up our home gym. Remember, when building your home gym, think about what personal improvements you want to make – it will help you narrow down your selection (which you can always add to). Here’s what we’re using:

Resistance Bands

You’ve seen them on Instagram, but do you even know what they’re used for? (No judging – us neither). Well, much like the name suggests, resistance bands are worn around your thighs or arms when you do workouts like squats, leg lifts or press ups. It forces your muscles to work harder to keep the bands taut, therefore building your muscles on the side whilst you focus on your other work out.

Whether it’s part of your HIIT routine or you’re using them for yoga, rest assured resistance bands work for both your upper and lower body.

Both men and women of any age and any ability can use these; they’re so easy that they feel like a bit of a cheat. But hey, if we can skip queues to get that summer bod, count us in!

Mirafit makes their resistance bands in varying widths and lengths to ensure there is a size for everyone. If you’re stuck, pick a few (they’re so inexpensive) and see what works best for you and your workout.

Click here to see them!



Balance Boards

Balance, coordination, stability: three things we don’t have. That’s where balance boards come in. Created for you to literally balance on, tackle exercises like squats or weights while you maintain a good tension in your legs, glutes and abs to keep them firm. Also, if you’ve had an injury (ankle, knees etc.), this is an easy and effective way to ease back to good health at your own pace.

What we love about this board is the wooden design (for strength – we don’t want it breaking on us) and the grip surface so that slipping is a no go. It’s super easy to use and very straight forward to incorporate into your workout for that extra little boost.

For exercise ideas with the balance board, take a look at the Mirafit product page where you can find videos and tips on how to make the most of yours.

Click here to explore!



Abs Roller

Let’s be honest here, boys. We all know that your abs are the one area you’ll be working on the most in the lead up to summer. Washboard abs are on everyone’s mind, although we’re personally partial to a strong dad bod.

Either way, if you want to give your abs a workout and your whole body a proper challenge, an ab roller is for you. Sure, it sounds pretty harmless, right? Wrong. Ab rollers are there to give you some tough love and some home truths about how capable your body strength really is.

This crafty little device is pretty much made up of two handles attached to either side of a wheel. The aim is to start in a kneeling press-up position with your hands on the roller’s handles, to then slide it down (so your arms are straight) and back up again, engaging your core as you do so. It’s so much easier said than done.

Ps. this work your arms, too. Which way is the gym, guys?

Click here to take a look!



Core Exercise Sliders

The key to a great body is a strong core – it’s not often one can exist without the other. To work up our cores (and sweat, at that), we’re all about the core sliders.

Perfect for doing a wide range of workouts, these are really versatile making them a great home gym addition. Whether you’re working on body rehabilitation, resistance training, general core strength, or you’re simply utilising them as another loop in your HIIT, there are so many exercises you can try out.

The exercise sliders are essentially two round discs that you place your feet on to give yourself a smooth form. The hard bit is always going to be when you have to bring your feet back together – that’s where you’ll find these most effective. Perfect for a range of floor workouts including mountain climbers, lunges and leg pull-ins, get these sliders (for next to nothing) for an effective workout anywhere!

Oh, and don’t worry about these ruining your floors. The sliders are two-sided – the fabric side is for use on smooth, hard surfaces like wooden floors or tiling, and the smooth side is made for carpets.

Click here to see more!



And last but not least, a gym towel!

If you’re not drenched in sweat after a solid workout, you’re not doing it right (or you should visit your doctor).

No gym session is complete without a trusted gym towel to mop up the sweat – and equipment – after you’re finished. Mirafit’s gym towels have levelled up – they’re made from microfibre which is highly absorbent with antibacterial properties. They come in their own pouch so they won’t get dirty before you start, and they’re thin enough that you can stuff them in a small space without worrying about it fitting. Oh, and they’re at an unbelievable price, too!

Click here to take a look!



Head over to Mirafit and get started on your home gym now! You’ll surprise yourself…




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