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How To Make The Most Of Your Suit

You’ve bought the suit. You’ve worn the suit to that one special occasion. You put the suit back in the bag and hang it up until the next big event. It’s a sad story that happens all the time: tailoring not being utilised to its full potential.

But on Christmas Day (weird analogy incoming, stick with us on this) what do you do with all that leftover turkey? Do you just throw it in the bin? No. You make soups. You build decadent sandwiches. You make delicious curry. And with a little creative style knowledge, that’s what your suit could be transformed into: amazing smart separates that get you bang for your buck with no overly formal shirt and tie in site.

So come on. Here’s how you can be soup.



An unconventional pairing that works surprisingly well, just like a coloured suit and sleek white trainers that falls into the same hybrid family of streetwear and tailoring.

Since this combo is quite bold in itself, we’d recommend opting for a classic colour hoodie such as your greys and blacks, and tucking the bottom of it into your trousers so it doesn’t got past the bottom of your blazer.

If you want to wear a suit in a casual workplace but everyone would ask you ‘do you have an interview or something?’ then this is an ideal compromise.



Mods are back again, and not just in a mild way like a few years ago because Bradley Wiggins had a blunt fringe and wore a double breasted blazer. From Harringtons, to Chelsea boots, to macs, many heritage components of the mod movement has found its way into the 21st century in a non-ironic way.

To pull this off in your smart separates look, take your trousers (extra points if they’re checked) and team up with a retro inspired polo top. For footwear your favourite trainers will do, but if you want to go for a formal look swap them for loafers.



Some of you may have bad memories of the early ‘00s where Libertines obsessed lads wore waistcoats with v-neck tees and rosary beads in homage to Pete Doherty. This is not that look. This look is more French poet than page 3 of the Daily Mail, and should be worn with a contrasting pair of trousers (or matching if you’re worried about clashing) and a plain t-shirt.



This look could be a meme with the line ‘when you have a business meeting at 3 but need to smash some pints at 5’. A strong post-work look that doesn’t require a full-on makeover in your cramped office toilet cubicle, just a simple yet effective swap of a shirt for a knitted t-shirt and dress shoes for sneakers.


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