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How To Make The Iced Coffee That Everybody’s Talking About

If you haven’t seen this iced coffee trend, we don’t know where you’ve been. Because we suffer from serious FOMO, we thought we’d try out making a whipped iced coffee for ourselves.

Our Junior Editor Lauren Noble put her coffee-making skills to the test with two simple goals: make it whipped and make it good. Challenge accepted, here’s what she came up with (and how she did it, so you can do it too). Introducing Lauren’s ‘whipped vanilla iced coffee with a chocolate top’.


Whipped Iced Coffee Ingredients


Topping Ingredients




How To Make The Whipped Iced Coffee

Step 1: In a separate bowl, whisk together the ground coffee, sugar and water. Whisk for about 3-4 minutes until it’s thick, creamy and lighter in colour. It shouldn’t be runny at all!

Step 2: Pour the vanilla syrup into the side cup of cold coffee.

Step 3: Get your iced coffee glass and pour ice cubes to the top.

Step 4: Pour the milk over the ice.

Step 5: Pour the cold, vanilla syrup coffee over the milk. It should blend into the milk nicely.

Step 6: Spoon on the whipped coffee. It should sit on top of the ice!

Step 7: Pour over your chocolate sauce and sprinkle on the grated chocolate. Done!


Click here to check out the TOPMAN Instagram Takeover highlights to see Lauren making this.





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