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6 Denim Care Hacks To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

Washing clothing too much generally means you’re overly hygienic, you always want your clothes to look shop new or that you still live with your parents so you don’t care about the hassle (lucky). However, when it comes to denim – no matter what your circumstance – washing it too much is actually bad.

Why? Well, over-washing fades the colour of denim and eventually messes up the natural fit, shortening the life expectancy of the piece. If you want to save your pennies and give your denim a long, happy life, make sure you stick to these six essential tips.


Stick Them In The Oven Or Freezer

No, this is not a prank. Putting your jeans in the oven for an hour on a low heat will help kill bacteria and eliminate any bodily odours your denim might have acquired over excessive wear. If you’re one for forgetting that something is in the oven and you don’t want a well-done pair of Levi’s for dinner (or a burnt down house), the same rules apply for leaving them in the freezer overnight – your arse will be looking cool.

Clean With A Toothbrush

Spilt a spot of coffee on your jeans? Don’t whack them in the wash and admit defeat, just go to town on them with a toothbrush and some mild soap to refresh your denim. There’s no point stressing the whole of the jean’s denim over a small patch, so pick your battles and be jean savvy. Obviously, don’t be an idiot and use innovative kinds of toothpaste on any certain denim items. Black teeth whitening toothpaste on a pair of light blue wash jeans just isn’t going to work, is it?


Mr Blacks

Did you think it was only trainers that have special sprays to protect them against the elements? Think again, as we’ve got just the (same) thing for denim. Mr Black’s denim Refresh Spray works wonders on denim that’s losing its lustre or smelling slightly off. Mr Black’s denim refresh is an antibacterial, biodegradable solution that makes cleaning your denim a whole load easier.


Turn Your Jeans Inside Out

When the time comes where you need to wash your jeans, for god sake, don’t just whack them in. Take the very little time to turn them inside out. Why, you ask? Because this helps reduce the jean’s chances of fading so you can keep hold of that distinctive colour you love so much.

Cold Wash

While you’re at it, make sure you put your jeans on a cold-water spin cycle to minimize fading and shrinking. Not only will it prolong your denim, but it’ll also save you some money on bills, which gives you more money to buy jeans. Win-win, we think.

Air Them Out

Don’t stuff your jeans onto a radiator and don’t EVER tumble dry them. You might as well just throw them in the trash. Hang the jeans inside or over a drying rack to retain their fit. Top tip: Make sure they are out the way of direct sunlight, as this fades the colour, too.


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