How To Hang Out With Friends…Without Actually Hanging Out

There are some benefits to staying in (saving money, getting extra productive, reading books that have been waiting on the shelf) but if you don’t live with your mates, keeping in touch can be hard.

Take a break from the group WhatsApp and spice things up with group activities you can do solo, but together. Introverts rejoice.


Netflix Party

First up, old faithful. Netflix is already a big part of our chill-out lives but how often are you taking pictures of your screen to share WTH moments with your mates (looking at you Love Is Blind). Available for free for all Netflix subscribers on Chrome browsers you can link up with pals to watch synchronised content and chat in the in-screen chatbox. Laptops at the ready. Find it here.

Love Is Blind Netflix Season 1



From the same team who brought you Heads Up comes Psych! Everyone logs in from wherever they are and the leader of the group chooses the category of play. All players then make up fake answers to the questions or prompts and in doing so, try and fool the other players into thinking it’s the right answer. The more tricks you carry off and the fewer times you’re tricked – the more likely you are to win. Ready, set, Psych! Available on iOS and Android.

Oliver Proudlock and Lucy Williams Laughing at Their Phone


House Party!

This app is a virtual party dream. Dial in and play one of four games with your friends in this video call-meets-games night app. You can take turns playing Pictionary or maybe doing a quiz while being able to communicate with and see one another. Available on iOS, Android, Chrome and MacOS.

house Party app group call


The Virtual Happy Hour

From boredom comes ingenuity. When post-work group hangouts are no longer an option, bring the pub indoors. Set up a group video call on Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, or iMessage and have a few drinks with your pals. To keep things interesting, play remote charades, Psych!, or do a Joe’s Pub Quiz together.




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