How To: Halloween Make-Up – Joker and Harley Edition

You’ve found the costume, now take best-dressed with some looks-harder-than-it-is make-up. We teamed up with TikTok’s The Illusion Artist to recreate The Joker and Harley Quinn’s full face and it’s not as scary as it sounds.

While she usually blows our minds with optically-confusing looks, we asked her to help us out with something a little easier that non-pros can manage. TOPMAN Digital Designer Jordan and TOPSHOP’s Editorial Assistant Yasmine stepped up to transform into 2019’s favourite ghoulish pair.

Joker and Harly Quinn


For Joker You Will Need:




1. Using a damp sponge, paint white all over your face. Keep the sponge damp so the paint goes on easier and gives a full-coverage and smooth look.

2. With a large dry brush, and when the paint is dry, set your face with some setting powder to stop it from smudging. If you don’t have any, you can skip this step.

3. To create the blue triangles over the eyes, use your crease brush and your light blue eyeshadow or paint. Start with a light dusting across the lid and then start to bring it up and over your eyebrow in a line. Then colour under the eyelid and bring the brush down in a straight line. It doesn’t matter if it’s messy as it should look a little manic/ rushed.

4. Move on to the eyebrows. Your new eyebrows should sit really high on your forehead and almost be like commas – use the fine paintbrush and some red paint or lipstick and draw them on and make them really defined. To get the smudgy effect, wait till it’s dry and then add some dots of paint on the line of the eyebrow and lightly smudge up and down.


Joker Make-Up


5. Paint a red circle on your the end of your nose.

6. Paint your lips: put on the paint like normal lipstick and then create the scary smile lines by dragging the brush straight out, as though you were aiming for the middle of your ear. Repeat the dot on the line on the smile line, then smudge.

7. With a (now clean) fine brush, go over your blue eyes with the dark blue face paint and create finer, darker vertical lines to make it more dramatic. When it’s nearly dry, use the crease brush and go over them to blur them a bit and then you’re done!



If you give it a go and discover you’re a dab-hand at make-up perhaps you could give a slightly more advanced Joker a go. Here’s a little bit of inspiration…


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