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Here’s What You Can Actually Do About Thinning Hair

We’re not going to call thinning hair a ‘problem’ but it can be a pain point for a lot of young men, especially if they’ve been used to Hugh-Grant level mops for their whole lives. Luckily, there are myriad steps to be taken to reduce the risk, slow the process, and work with what you’ve got. 

The main causes of hair thinning or loss are: genetics, stress, and hormones. Most commonly, the first stage of losing one’s hair is that it thins out on top and recedes at the front and where genetics are involved, this can’t be prevented entirely (without medical intervention like prescription drugs or a transplant), but the tide can be slowed and made less noticeable.


Reduce Friction

Reducing friction on your head prevents split ends and breakage so the hair you do have will be at its healthiest. This means no tight ponytails or top-knots and if you are tying your hair up, use frictionless bands (no metal clasps).

Even when you’re sleeping you can treat your head gently. Opt for a silk pillowcase over cotton: silk absorbs less oil than cotton so the natural conditioners from your scalp can go to work on keeping hair nourished and not on your pillowcase (grim).

We like the Holistic Silk pillowcase because the entire thing is silk (so you can flip the pillow to the cool side and still reap the benefits) and they also contain the protein Sericin, which mirrors the protein in skin and hair, naturally hydrating and reducing overnight frizz. If silk is a little fancy for you, you can also try satin which helps with reducing friction but because silk is natural and satin is often not, its benefits extend beyond that so think about what you want before you purchase.

If you have longer hair, try to avoid wrapping your hair in a towel when wet. Try a micro-fibre towel, a hair wrap, or, in a pinch, a t-shirt.


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Topical Treatments

Shampoos, masks, sprays and conditioners. There are a tonne of products that make for a better choice than your standard supermarket brand but having some intel on which does what can save time in choosing.

Try a Hair Mask

Some good news from The guys at The Hair Fuel: They say you have more time to save your hair follicles than you think and that just because you can’t see hair, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost. If you still have some peach fuzz, then the follicles are still capable of growing hair. What it needs is nutrients and that is what The Hair Fuel is. Available in 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions, applying the mask to the roots of your hair and leaving it for 45 mins before washing out, the 100% vegan formula stimulates blood flow and encourages hair growth in a way the team says is founded in and backed-up by science. It smells amazing and after a short trial, our hair was definitely thicker and growing stronger than normal. Also a nice excuse to binge some Netflix while we waited.


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Everyday Shampoos

Caffeine shampoos are commonplace in most men’s bathrooms but there’s no clear evidence that that ingredient works on its own. What is key to stimulating hair growth is a healthy scalp. Shampoo, of course, has no gender so both men and women in TOPMAN HQ tried these products and experienced near-identical (and excellent) results. Hide in your bathroom as necessary.

Christophe Robin’s Cleansing Thickening Paste is on a level of its own. This shampoo looks and feels like an exfoliating scrub but as soon as it comes into contact with wet hair, it foams up for a thorough but gentle clean. Its high concentration of pure rassoul clay absorbs impurities and rebalances the scalp. Saturated with mineral salts (magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium and potassium) these essential elements, along with Tahitian micro-algae, help maintain the vitality of the hair follicle; preventing thinning hair, hair loss and stimulating growth.

Any Google search for how to get stronger hair is going to tell you that Biotin is key. Waterman’s GrowMe shampoo combines this key ingredient with Argan oil, hydrolyzed lupin protein, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Rosemary Extract, and Allantoin. Unlike your standard shampoo, it’s best if you leave this one in for 3-4 minutes to help boost circulation and overall condition of the scalp. Smells minty fresh and makes for a very relaxing shower routine.


Even if you’re not using a targeted shampoo, you can start a little smaller with some clever styling.

Ruffians has created a Hair Powder that literally swells your hair. Sprinkle a little on to the roots and tousle to create more volume and lift. Its vegan formula has natural origin silica for weightless styling and absorbing excess oils (a bit like dry shampoo). Organic seaweed extracts nourish the hair and keep it healthy.

Monat Intense Repair Treatment is an intense daily leave-in treatment for thinning hair that Contains Capixyl – an anti-ageing complex that helps stimulate the scalp and strengthen and thicken hair whilst supporting natural hair growth for fuller-looking results. Its high concentrated blend of active peptides and botanical extracts promote a healthier scalp. It always comes back to a healthy scalp, guys.  After washing and towel-drying your hair (not vigorously, remember), spray on different sections of the scalp and massage. Blow-dry and/ or style as usual.


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