How To Get Arms Like Thor, God Of Thunder & Gains

Thor is the best Avenger. Hands down. There’s no CGI bulking there like we get with the Hulk, that is just Chris Hemsworth’s terrifyingly real and veiny body.

Look at that. In hundreds of years (or a couple of week’s depending on how Russia are feeling) when the world is an apocalyptic mess, survivors will write poetry about those arms, and mutants will worship them as gods.

But how exactly do we mere mortals get the biceps of a mythical Norse god? Well you’ll be happy to hear that you don’t have to get on the Virgin Galactic to the heart of a dying star, all you have to do is follow fitness influencer @shaunstafford’s arm day superset.

“This workout is a focussed session, targeting both your biceps and triceps in the same workout,” Stafford explains. “We first attack your biceps with a superset series of moves before moving on to obliterate your triceps with a similar sequence of exercise.

“These supersets are perfect for superhero results: you complete one set of the exercises before moving straight on to the next in the series. Once both exercises have been completed, you have earned some much-needed rest.”


Bicep Focus

Superset One: Standing bicep curl 3 x 10-12, into standing dumbell hammer curl (3 x 10-12, rest 60-90 seconds)

Superset Two: Dumbell preacher curl 3 x 10-12, into dumbell spider curl (3 x 10-12, rest 60-90 seconds)

Tricep Focus

Superset Three: Overhead rope extension 3 x 10-12, into rope extension (3 x 10-12, rest 60-90 seconds)

Superset Four: EZ bar skull-crusher 3 x 10-12, into straight bar extension (3 x 10-12, rest 60-90 seconds)

All exercises in the above workout should be completed under total control and for a full range of motion. When the desired sets and reps can be completed in full, you can then gradually increase the amount of weight used for each exercise.

Add this workout to your existing plan or as a stand-alone session to guarantee some sleeve busting results. And remember, it’s not only about, training, eating the right foods are essential. Check out our post-gym breakfasts that will get you stacked for fuelling inspiration.


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