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How To Get A Six-Pack (From Someone With A Six-Pack)

Whether or not you admit it, you want one. Deep down, you’ve always wanted one. We can’t blame you – the six-pack is the ultimate trophy achievement of men’s fitness, and, unfortunately, notoriously hard to get. If you’re striving for your own sculpted stomach and things aren’t quite going you’re way, don’t worry, we’ve enlisted the help of online trainer, fitness guru and six-pack owner, Jeremy Sry, to give us six surprisingly simple tips to get you six-packing in no time.


1) Learn to really control your core. A great exercise to monitor this is hanging leg raises. If you find yourself swinging too much, there’s a good chance you’re using momentum instead of your abs. If you’re not any tension in your abs, you may be using your hip flexors instead of your core!

2) Spice up the cardio! Your core is designed to stand and support you through challenges. If you’re only running the treadmill, you’re not challenging yourself. Try running outdoors against a variety of incline or even parkour!

Get a six pack with parkour

3) Round your back when doing ab exercises! That’s how your abs contract. If you’re not rounding your back, there’s a really good chance you’re using other muscles such as your hip flexors instead of your core.

4) Stop doing a million crunches! Compound, total body movements will actually get you engaging your abs and promote more overall fat loss than an ab routine alone.

5) Focus on building muscle all across your body! The rate of fat loss for specific regions (especially when it comes to abs) is different for everyone. If you focus only on your abs and see no results, you’ll set yourself up for disappointment. Focusing on the big picture will get you to your goal faster!

6) Introduce isometric holds into your routine. Many of us focus on movement when it comes to exercises, but we forget just how effective staying still can be, for example, planks!

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Jeremy Sry's six-pack

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