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How To Elevate Your Jeans For The Office

When the office dress code says smart/casual but you have no idea how to dress up a pair of jeans, relax – help is at hand. It’s time to give your denim the glow-up it deserves.

If you’re not sure how to wear your jeans for the office, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Though dressing up a pair of jeans is an integral skill for nailing smart/casual attire, the good news is that it’s not as hard as you think. Once you have a few simple tips under your belt, you’ll be able to do it in your sleep.


Wear darker shades of denim

When you want to dress up your jeans, it’s safest to go for a darker pair of denim – anything between a dark blue wash to black jeans. There’s no complex reason for this; they simply tend to look smarter. That was easy.


Add a shirt

It might sound simple, but wearing a shirt with your jeans will automatically make your whole outfit smarter – even if you’re wearing trainers. Wear the top button undone and fold the sleeves up to make it look effortless. Whether you tuck your shirt into your jeans or keep it untucked is up to you. It just depends on how smart you need to be on the day.


Avoid rips

Another tip to make your jeans look smarter is to avoid ripped styles for a smart/casual setting. Nobody needs to see your knees peeping through your denim in the office. It’s also best to stick to your full-length jeans. Save your ankles for someone special.


Wear clean trainers or smart shoes

You can absolutely wear trainers with your jeans for the office, but if you do, make sure they’re clean! You don’t want any tatty, dirty trainers dulling down the rest of the look. If all your trainers have seen better days, invest in a fresh new pair or stick to smart shoes instead.

We love how loafers look with jeans (wear socks!), but brogues, Oxfords, Chelsea and Chukka boots are all good options. By rule of thumb, wear black shoes with black jeans and brown shoes with blue jeans. That way, you can’t go wrong.


Blazer it up

Make jeans look 10-times smarter with the simple addition of a blazer. A perfect casual-office vibe, match a darker blazer with a shirt and dark jeans. Try going for a dark grey or black blazer to keep your outfit aligned. Leave the tie at home and undo your top button. Whether you wear clean trainers or smarter shoes is totally down to you.





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