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How To: Dress for the Office in Spring/Summer

No matter where you work, you’ll have an everyday office dress code (even if you don’t realise it).

Whether yours is suited and booted, casual jeans and t-shirts or somewhere in the smart-casual middle, here’s how to cool off your officewear during the warmer spring/summer months.



Dressing in a suit every day has its perks: you don’t have to think up fashionably acceptable outfits each morning… you can just go to your most trusted suit combination and be dressed in 5 minutes. However, when it comes to spring/summer time and suits are a must, you’re probably more than accustomed to the morning, midday and afternoon sweats in your two-piece suit.

Cooling down a suit doesn’t have to be hard or expensive – once you buy what you need, you can re-wear the same key pieces every year (getting more than your money’s worth). First up, invest in some short-sleeved shirts – these will save you during those heat-wave days.




Linen suits are made for formal warm-weather dressing, including officewear. The beauty of wearing a linen suit is the lightweight nature of the fabric combined with its cool-to-touch qualities. Linen is also a great heat conductor, working to keep the heat away from your body as you wear it. If a full-linen suit is a stretch too far, opt for a linen jacket instead, and pair it with your favourite work trousers.

Divert the heat from your feet by switching up your shoe choice. If you’re a guy who always wears a lace-up brogue, try wearing a loafer to give your feet more breathing space. You’ll be surprised how this small switch-up can help.





If you get to dress casually every day for work, you’re one of the lucky ones. Sure, you might have to put some extra thought into your looks each morning, but in the grand scheme of things, your casual dress code is a blessing in spring and summer.

To benefit most out of the warmer months, make use of all your t-shirts. Because it is the office, we’d stick to classic fits as much as possible and avoid any graphics that are too wild. Staple, plain t-shirts or minimal designs such as stripes are the safest routes to go down.




Since you have the freedom, mix up the trousers you wear and, on those really warm days, opt for a pair of shorts instead. Cropped trousers are great when you have meetings, otherwise, a pair of chino shorts, a t-shirt or casual revere shirt and a pair of loafers or clean white trainers will serve the purpose.





Smart-casual outfits are easy to work with when it’s hot – simply change a few key items and you’re good to go. First of all, don’t be afraid to lose a jacket. Sure, you can bring one in with you, but nobody is going to sue you if you decide to go without. Dust off your go-to short-sleeved shirts in place of a t-shirt to make up for the lack of formality if you have an important meeting.

You too can play around with different trousers and shorts. For shorts, stick with chinos and wear them with loafers to dress them up. On the top, play around with different shirts and tops (aka polos), but keep them plain in design to maintain the smart of the smart-casual.

Well worth talking about, our new summer knitwear makes for perfect office attire in the heat. Made with a soft, thinner knit, these jumpers and t-shirts flow against the body keeping you cooler in the heat.






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