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How to Buy Your First Suit…

In a man’s life, there are probably three important suits. Two are obvious—one is what you get married in; the other is what you’ll be buried in. But before we make a commitment to marriage or death, we commit to our first suit. Whether it’s a school uniform or a prom tuxedo, a man’s first experience with suiting isn’t just his first step into adulthood, it’s the start of his journey into style. We asked several global influencers about their first time.



Héctor Morales – Chile
“My first suit was for my prom. I had also promised my cousin to accompany her to her prom, so the outfit was used for both occasions. My father offered to help me find the perfect suit. It was a disaster! We didn’t agree on anything; I obviously liked the more expensive one. Finally, we found one that we both liked—good price and design. The problem was that none of them fitted me, but I didn’t care. I bought a bigger one because I loved the colour; it was a light brown linen suit, not very usual for the occasion. I didn’t care it was oversized, I just folded the sleeves and wore it with a t-shirt, a tribute to the TV series Miami Vice.”


Michael Whittaker – New Zealand
“I purchased my first suit when I was 17 years old. I was working in a supermarket and washing dishes at a grimebox cafe, and I saved like hell for it. Then I moved to New York City and I wore that suit threadbare. I now own several suits, and I’ve learned a few things. For so many men, their attire is their Achilles. It should be your armour. Don’t be a robot; be a character. Contrast a medium-toned sportcoat with dark pants. Show the world you still have nerve.”


Vitezslav Ivicic – Czech Republic
“My cousin was getting married, so my mother took me to a tailor to make a suit for me. I was four or five. The suit was double-breasted and burgundy with purple lapels as it was fashionable in the ‘90s, and I looked rather dapper. I don’t remember what happened to the suit. All I know is that my white shirt was badly marked by grass as I was playing with other children in the garden during the wedding.”


Sergio Ines – South Africa
“I never had a need for a suit growing up. I always wanted one, but times were tough so I went without. When my final year dance rolled up I had the opportunity to rent a suit, and it took me a good couple of weeks to find one, dragging my mom from one store to the next looking for the perfect colour, style, and fit. I knew then and there that I would always be very particular when it came to dressing up, and that to me, details were everything.”


Sabir Peele – USA
“During the summer of 2011 I had my first hands-on custom experience. The brand was Enzo Custom Clothiers at their Philadelphia showroom. I designed a midnight blue, expanded 4-inch shawl lapel with a green and white gingham lining. Just thinking back to the day when the tux arrived and I put it on–I knew I was about to drink some martinis on that 007 flow. Since then, I think I’ve had 20 suits made. It’s become an addiction.”


Hafreez Aminuddin – Malaysia
“I remember getting my first tailored suit when I was 16, and it was because I was appointed as the deputy head prefect in my school back then. It was a very memorable moment for me as that suit symbolised great responsibility and it taught me so many life lessons shaping the individual that I am today. Who would have thought that my first suit would teach me so much more than just how one should fit? A good suit is a must-have in my wardrobe now!”


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