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How Mods Came Back On Trend Again And You Didn’t Even Realise

Polo tops. Pin stripes. Straight fringes. Components of the mod look have been seeping into menswear over the past 6 months like a Trojan horse in skinny jeans, subtly injecting ‘60s attitude into our outfits without us even knowing it, all because they weren’t overtly delivered to us on pimped out scooters wrapped in a Union Jack, and there’s not a parka in site. These mods are modern…mod mods, if you will (but don’t).

Did we subconsciously do this ourselves because we nostalgically miss Alex Turner and Miles Kane? Are we sick of going McDonald’s in casual joggers and want to spice things up in tight tailoring? Are we about to start scrapping on beaches with lads in leather jackets? Or is it all just a coincidence that mod staples are back on trend? Possibly, but for the sake of this article I’m making it a thing and showing you the key pieces you need to pull off the classic subculture look.

Return Of The Mac

As we go steer head on into that weird purgatory between winter and spring, a decent transitional jacket is an absolute must. That’s where the faithful mac comes in, because they’re not too thick to wear on warmer days, but also just enough to keep your outfit safe from those unpredictable showers. An extra plus is that it can be worn with a suit for smarter occasions, or with your favourite jeans and tee for a formal take on your everyday casual look.


Knitted Out

Another transitional must-have, because there’s nothing worse than going out-out in a regular t-shirt and freezing your nips off at the taxi rank because you were too stubborn to wear a jacket when your other half said you’d be cold.

Knitted tees look like something your great granddad would’ve worn out on a massive session, but instead of styling them with braces and telling war stories, you’re wearing them with lux sportswear style tailored joggers and telling people about the time you almost died at Fresher’s Week after doing shots of washing machine tablets.


Playing It Straight

Think straight fringe and Lloyd Christmas from Dumb & Dumber immediately comes to mind. However that could all change with the evolution of the iconic mod haircut. Instead of getting the mixing bowl out and having your mum cut round the edges, ask your barber to keep the sides nice and clean and then blunt cut a fringe in. There’s varying degrees of this cut, but for a more casual style keep the hair just a touch longer than skin. Opt for 3mm at the lowest and graduate out towards the corners.



The polo top is having a massive moment right now. Where once it was just championed by the likes of the subculture outfitter Fred Perry and the preppy Ralph Lauren in plain styles with a subtle logo, the polo now comes in a plethora of styles in 2018 from long sleeve, to muscle fit, to striped, to rugby inspired, and lots more. If you’re looking to smarten up your upper body without conforming to a restricting shirt, this is how to do it.


Tailored To Perfection

Trousers have a bad rep. Even the word trousers sound horrible, bringing up memories of a baggy school uniform teamed with monstrous black pumps. But if cross body bags can survive Mr Motivator and become the biggest streetwear accessory of the decade, then trousers can be revived through premium fabric styles, cropped shapes, tapered fits and side stripe detailing to become your go-to bottom half before jeans and joggers. We’d suggest not wearing a full-on matching suit, but instead mixing and matching your smartwear pieces (knitted tee, contrasting blazer, mac layered over the top) for an outfit that has some substance behind it.


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