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How Men Can Prevent Summer Skin Damage

It doesn’t matter what age you are or what skin type you have – the hot summer weather is bound to take its toll.

With a helping hand from the A-list and Royal Beautician and the founder of Heaven Skincare, Deborah Mitchell, we get some expert men’s summer skincare tips that you can start swearing (or sweating) by.




Summer is on its way! What differences should men expect to see with their skin as the weather changes?

With the sun, skin tends to become dryer with more chance of developing dry patches with sensitivity and general damage. However, now that men are looking after their skin so much better, it means that a lot of men’s skin is generally better equipped for the sun as it’s prepped and ready for the heat. Or so it should be… If not, start now.


How can guys avoid these skin concerns?

Men need to make sure they’re moisturising with an SPF to protect their skin from the sun. Sunglasses can help reduce wrinkles in the eye area, but not enough! I created Heaven 02 eye cream which has small molecules to penetrate the eye area and smooth away the effects of the sun, which helps.


Can facial hair affect how hot/sweaty men can get in the summer?

Naturally, the more body hair you have, the more you sweat.

Beards are hard-going in summer, but if men want to keep them, they need to make sure they’re cleansing them daily and rubbing in a good quality hydrogel. If they do end up shaving it off because of the heat, the skin underneath will be already prepped and super protected. It’s a win-win.


What facial hair removal products should every guy own this year?

Close shave cream is gentle for men – nothing worse than a man with a shaving rash. This is great for all those sensitive areas.





You use bee venom in many of your products – what is it good for?

Bee venom is super for relaxing those lines and smoothing them away. It also has other amazing benefits like bringing blood supplies up to heal the skin.


Are there any other key ingredients guys should look for (or avoid) in their skincare?

I think any guy who is new to skincare should opt for the best products or just not bother at all – they’ll simply end up wasting their time and money. Natural and organic ingredients are best – many men don’t actually believe how good they can look from using natural ingredients. Cleanse daily and moisturise at the very least.


How do guys avoid breaking out throughout the hot, humid seasons?

Shaving is one of the biggest causes of breakouts, so to prevent this, prep the skin by moisturising the night before a shave.


What products would you recommend to use (or stay away from) to maintain a summer tan?

I’d recommend keeping up with moisturising to maintain it,  but make sure it has an SPF in. It protects not only the skin but your tan too. Don’t forget, if your body is exposed to too much sun and heat without you protecting yourself, eventually it will just peel off and leave you with white patches. Nobody wants that!


It’s all about the eyes! What products should we use to keep our skin from getting summer dark spots?

For dark spots, use a refined hydrogel and pre-shave scrub! Fun fact: dancing in the sunlight could help prevent dark spots. If you move around more rather than just staying still, you’re far less likely to get those dreaded dark spots! I know, hard to believe, right? But it’s true.




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