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The History Of Vision Street Wear

Just landed in select Topman stores, Vision Street Wear is the premium street wear brand that champions creative culture in all forms. Born over 30 years ago in Southern California’s underground skate scene, Vision Street Wear has re-launched in 2017 with a fresh drop of outerwear, tracksuits and jerseys.

Founded by skate-entrepreneur Brad Dorfman in 1986, Vision Street Wear came to represent the transformational changes that were shaping skateboarding at the time. The invention of urethane wheels had opened the door to innovative new tricks and techniques that were changing the way people skated. Skate parks were opening across the United States, allowing teenagers greater access to the sport than ever before. And, by distilling the attitude and aesthetic at the heart of the sub-culture into a label that felt authentic, Vision became one of the most recognisable labels on the scene.

Vision Street Wear may have started as a grass roots skate movement, but it soon became the brand of choice for some of skate boarding’s biggest names.  Mark Gonzales, aka ‘The Gonz’, joined Vision in 1985, becoming one of the most influential street skaters of all time whilst wearing their gear. He was joined by 80’s stalwart Lance Mountain (who is also credited with inventing the fingerboard), hell raiser Tas Pappas of the infamous Australian Pappas brothers, punk rocker/skater Duane Peters, and Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowski.

Vision Street Wear came to bridge the gap between the worlds of fashion, skating and music with its insanely popular ‘Skate Escape’ events which featured performances from popular bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers (who also designed a few boards for the brand). A much anticipated head-to-head battle between Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi unfolded at Vision Street Wear Skate Escape in 1988, showcasing contrasting styles and resulting in a career defining victory for Tony Hawk.

After 20 years out of the spotlight, Vision returns stronger than ever, keeping the same authenticity and strong design but swapping its focus from skateboarding to streetwear.

Vision Street Wear is now available online and in select Topman stores

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