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Here’s Why Josh Vine Is One To Watch

With new musicians popping up everywhere, it takes someone pretty good to stop you in your tracks. Upcoming artist Josh Vine, with his new single The Water, was one of them.

He may have only a handful of released songs, but Josh Vine’s new track The Water is destined to take him to bigger places. Recorded in the acclaimed Abbey Road Studios, Josh has had his head down busy working on his defining sound to bring us music we’re sticking around for.

We caught up with Josh to introduce him, to you, as our one to watch.





Hey, Josh! Why don’t you introduce yourself!

Hey! So, I’m Josh Vine and create indie-rock music, if you like. I have a reverb sound with a bit of rock at times. Right now, I’m doing some gigs and releasing some tracks, but mainly I’ve been doing a bit of a sound- revamp – something a bit ‘heavier’ for my new stuff.

Why music? Why singing?

I mean, I was about 12 and a kid got up in assembly and played the saxophone. I remember thinking, ‘Oh god, that’s so cool’. I started learning the sax, and that was my first instrument. Growing up, I also took loads of music in from my mum and dad – they were always playing music in the car. When I was 15, it was a classic case of teenage angst when a girl broke my heart and I thought, ‘Now I’m going to write my first song’. Since then, that was all I wanted to do.

Where are you from? How are you finding London life?

I’m from Telford, west midlands (near Wolverhampton) and I moved to London when I was 18. I love London; it’s my 6th year here. When I first came, I was pretty young and had a lot of growing up to do but after that, I really started to settle. I’ve had a banging time but I do feel like it’s kind of a love-hate relationship. You know, the city is great but I hate that sometimes all you want to do is go and sit in a field to have some space.

We’ve spent all morning listening to your music and we’re getting ALL the vibes! Tell me about your songwriting processes.

Probably three or four years ago I stopped writing so much about ‘heartbreak’ and started writing more about things going on around me – people I know and relationships between friends. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a few heartbreak tracks, but I try to mix it up a bit. I don’t think I have it in me to be original with those tracks; I don’t have a good enough angle to make it something that no one else is already doing better. It’s important to be honest when you’re writing songs.


Photo Credit: Emi O’Connell

Where did you learn to songwrite?

I started by copying the format of other songs that I like  – that’s all I really knew. It was artists like Jeff Buckley and Radiohead that I really looked up to. From that, I guess I just started to develop my own style. When I moved to London, I did a three-year songwriting course which was pretty cool. Then it’s just time and practice.

Your new single The Water is out this week and it’s great. Talk to me about recording it at The Abbey Road Studios.

That was a mental day. We knew someone who was attached to the studios through The Abbey Road Institute that does production courses. I was a bit like a guinea pig, and it was an amazing opportunity – I’d never have been able to afford that otherwise.

Did you know you were going to go in and record The Water?

Yeah, that was always going to be the track – it was my next single release. We got so much done that day between the hours of 9am-6pm. I felt like everyone clicked and it ran so smooth. I’ve been in sessions before where I’ve not felt it or not been up to scratch and the energy in the room feels really mirrors that.

Some people like to compare your voice to other artists (Sam Fender is a big one) – does this frustrate you or is it a compliment?

I’m happy doing my own thing, so I think it’s fine. I do get compared a lot and I guess it can get a little frustrating but to be honest, I’m just going to keep making the kind of music that I’m into and if someone else is doing it then it is what it is – I don’t mind too much. I’m pretty easy going about that kind of stuff and it is a compliment. Also, Sam Fender is a great comparison – he’s wicked. I’ll take it and I’ll roll with it.


Photo Credit: Becky Taylor Gill

Is there anyone you take influence from that people don’t tend to pick up on?

Aside from Radiohead and Jeff Buckley, Paul Weller is another massive one – he’s mine and my dad’s favourite artists. I’m really into Joni Mitchell at the moment. I admire people who stay true to themselves and who carve their own path.

Is there an album on the cards?

Not for the time being, just a collection of singles and hopefully a 5/6 track EP over the next 6 months. It’s really exciting and I’d love to eventually put out a body of work.

And what will you be doing over the next few months?

Gigging as much as possible which I love doing, and working on music. We’re working on a full-band headline show which will hopefully come into play early in 2020. I’m excited!



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