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Here’s How Tracking Your Workouts Has Just Got Easier

If the gym is your thing (and even if it isn’t), do you ever find yourself wondering how hard you’ve actually worked on a workout? What about how many calories you’ve burnt in a session?

The key to every great workout (in our opinion, anyway) is being able to measure success. But how can you improve each workout – or push yourself further – if you don’t know what you’re up against? That’s where *drumroll* Myzone come in.



This exciting bit of tech has changed the way we work out for good. Myzone is a wireless belt that uses a heart rate system to monitor physical activity. It keeps (via the mysterious cloud) all of your data on a trackable app (super easy to use) so that you can refer back to it at any given time. With a 99.4% accuracy, Myzone lets you know how hard you’re actually working vs how hard you think you are. Whether you’re doing a class at your local gym, going for a swim or even out walking the dogs, Myzone is there to fill you with motivation and boost your fitness levels.

To get a little more insight into what the Myzone belt does and who can use it, we caught up with Emily – a fitness-fanatic and Myzone pro (and also the Senior Account Manager for the company!).




Hey, Emily! Tell us what Myzone does.

Myzone is a wearable fitness technology that tracks your effort during exercise. It’s built around exercise gamification and motivation which helps you build your exercise habit and stay engaged. It basically monitors your heart rate during your workout, as well as the calories and time spent exercising.

What are your favourite features?

I’m a total MEP (Myzone Effort Points) fan. I’ve always worked hard during my workouts, but having the live feedback of my effort via Myzone has pushed my fitness to a new level. Seeing my MEP count increase throughout my workout gives me that extra motivation to keep pushing.

I also love Myzone’s Zone Match classes (found in the Myzone app). You pick the exercise(s), and Myzone gives you a target effort zone to hit. It lets me compete with myself to keep my score up.

How do you use your Myzone belt?

I use my Myzone belt during all of my workouts, and I set total MEPs goals for myself. For example, I aim for at least 100 MEPs during every resistance training workout and 130 MEPs during every cardio workout. It helps me stay focused. After my workouts, I check out my post-workout summary email to see how I performed.




How does Myzone improve your health/fitness?

I like to say that Myzone helps me to exercise ‘smarter’. The accountability of seeing my effort live helps me push myself harder than I would without that feedback. That said, it also highlights how my heart responds during recovery, so I’m better able to determine when it’s time to push and when it’s time to pull back.

Which feature would you recommend the most?

Definitely the MZ-Fitness Test! It’s only 11 minutes long and it measures your fitness level in terms of your heart rate recovery, (how much your heart rate decreases during the first minute after exercise). A bigger decrease is indicative of a healthier heart. I track my progress over time within the Myzone app, so I’m literally getting feedback about whether I’m improving or not.

How easy is it to incorporate Myzone into a fitness routine?

It’s incredibly easy! When you’re first getting started with Myzone, I recommend you observe how your body responds during your workouts. Which zones do you hit on the push phase? How about when you recover? How many MEPs do you earn doing different types of workouts? From there, you can begin to notice patterns and build goals for yourself.




Is the Myzone belt best used with any exercise in particular?

I’d say it’s best reflected with cardio-based training, such as HIIT training and muscular endurance training. That being said, I recommend wearing your Myzone belt during all of your workouts, regardless of what you do. Myzone isn’t just about tracking heart rate; it’s about helping you to stay motivated, which it can do during all forms of exercise!

Can anyone, with any ability, use Myzone?

Anyone with a beating heart can! While it’s certainly a great tool for fitness-fanatics, it’s equally beneficial for all exercisers.

How does the app help to get the most out of Myzone?

It allows you to live steam your effort during your workout so you can see exactly how hard you’re working. You can also track your progress in the body metrics page of the app.




Find out more about Myzone and how you can make the most out of each of your workouts on their website.




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