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Here’s How To Look After Your Skin This Winter

Most of us will notice the biggest changes in our skin as we transition from season to season. Now, coming into the cold, we called for some desperate skincare advice to keep us ticking over until the warmer weather.

Dry skin? Prone to blemishes? Whatever your skin gets up to in the winter, we need to be able to keep on top of it. Dion Nash, the Founder of skincare brand Triumph & Disaster, has been on call to answer some of our most pressing questions.

If you’re keen to learn how to keep your skin in its best condition, plus open to discovering some highly-recommended products, this one is for you.



What changes can many of us expect to see as the colder season kicks in?

Often, it’s dryer, more parched skin that’s characteristic of the colder months. It’s usually down to cold air, artificial heating and climate-controlled rooms that result in the skin this way.

To prevent it, the answer is to moisturise, moisturise moisturise. It also helps to have a solid cleansing routine that removes the top layers of dry, dead skin. A moisturise then locks in natural the oils.

Is there a skin regime we should try sticking to?

It might be cold in the morning but resisting the urge to stand under a hot shower for ages is beneficial. Hot, steaming showers strip the skin of natural oils that naturally protect our skin from the elements.

Moisturise your face once you’ve finished in the shower to replace any loss of oil and hydration and, for those of you in regions that get particularly cold, moisturise your hands and body to keep your skin fighting fit all over.

Moisturise your face at least once, if not twice a day, especially if you’re working outside or in air-conditioned or artificially heated environments. And drink lots of water! Stay well hydrated internally. Did you know, lukewarm water is best as it’s most easily absorbed by the body?



What products should we be using for this?

Natural Volcanic ash Rock & Roll Face Scrub: twice a week, once for business once for pleasure

Logic Toner, the witch hazel and willow herb toning lotion: all-natural – alcohol-free

Gameface, a natural proven moisturiser: Packed with ponga fern and jojoba.

Vitamin c rich night cream Dark moon: we guarantee this group will give you better skin.

Dichotomy Eye Serum: Rich in Kakadu Plum, the world’s natural Vitamin C superhero.




Are there any areas men tend to forget about when it comes to self-care?

Of course, but not all of these can be mentioned in polite company! A lot of men actually don’t clean the face and neck properly. Often this is brushed over – or they think shaving has done the job – so they end up with old grey dead skin that gets dirty and discoloured. Find a good face scrub and use it.

Can the colder weather affect our hair? If so, what can we do to keep it healthy?

In general, regular shampoo and conditioning can help avoid most pitfalls, but using natural styling products provide great benefits as the ingredients leave the hair healthier, rather than dirtier. Ingredients like argan oil and harakeke balance the scalp and strengthen the hair, so seek out good ingredients in the products you use.

How important is it to keep on top of skincare?

Skin is our largest organ, look after it and it will look after you.




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