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Happiness Isn’t Cancelled! CALM Tells Us How To Stay Cool When Things Get Weird

Life can be uncertain at the best of times and on the odd occasion that things get a little more uncertain than usual, it’s important to remember how to stay positive and keep your chin up even when that feels like a hard thing to do.

Today, Friday 20th March, is International Day of Happiness. And while this year it’s a little different than normal, happiness isn’t cancelled! We’ve got some things to make you laugh and advice from our friends at CALM. Remember, they’re always there to help!


Keep talking

If you can’t see friends and loved ones that often, keep in touch via video or voice call. Speaking to someone and seeing new faces each day can make all the difference in reminding us we’re more connected than you think. If you live with other people, try eating a meal together each day. Call your grandparents or younger members of your family – they’ll be grateful for the distraction and when it comes to kids they can talk non-stop about things that have nothing to do with current events. Get ready for a lot of chat on Paw Patrol.

Stick to a routine

As tempting as it is, try not to stay in your PJs and eat all the best things from the fridge. Starting the day with a walk, run, cycle, or stretch – solo or in a small group – can make all the difference and stop you feeling cooped up.

Have a shower, get changed, don’t eat or work from the bedroom and things will start to feel a little more normal when you’re spending a lot of time indoors.

Reach out to your neighbours

Checking in on the elderly and vulnerable will make them, and you, feel great. A problem shared is a problem halved and you might make a new friend. Try popping a note in the mailbox of neighbours who might need a hand and leave your number and name so they can call if they need any help. Taking a trip to the shop or pharmacy, or walking a dog for someone else can give you some purpose to your day and help them out enormously.


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There is a lot of confusion out there about COVID-19 (coronavirus) so I’ve teamed up with @Instagram and @WHO to raise awareness to key best practices as well as linking people to reliable information in my bio. Follow @WHO for updates and information about what you can do to keep chill.

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Mix up your media

Consuming too much on one topic can be exhausting. Change up what you’re reading and watching – there’s a lot of good news out there too and watching favourite sitcoms and lighthearted movies can break things up. There’s so much good content on Netflix you’ll never get through at all and our friends at Topshop have done all the hard work on what’s good on the newly-launched Disney+.


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Take advantage of your spare time

Now’s the time to cook something ambitious or pick up an old instrument. Who knows, when things return to normal you might come out of this as a pro baker or a may-as-well-be-qualified yogi! Heading to your local offie will get you a lot of International foods you’ve maybe not experimented with before and trying some new ingredients will open up a world, literally, of cooking for you. Plus, it’s always good to support local businesses to keep your community vibrant.


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Well as we’ve got more time on our hands, who’s up for recreating one of these? 😂🍰 (@lukevincentini)

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This is a difficult time with a whole lot of unique pressures. From financial worries to health anxieties, if things are getting on top of you, call CALM on 0800 58 58 58 or through their webchat. Their trained support workers are available from 5pm to midnight every day to provide practical support and advice, whatever you’re going through.  




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