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7 Handy Apps That Every Traveller Needs On Their Phone

Time-consuming sessions at the travel agents, easily-lost paper tickets, mind-boggling Ordnance survey maps that you’re not entirely sure you’re holding the right way up – organising a trip before the advent of the smartphone was a right royal pain in the crease to say the least.

Thankfully, we now live in simpler (or more complicated, depending on how you look at it) times and a phone armed with a few handy apps is all you need to get you around the world. Well, bar several planes and lots of money, that is.

With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of only the best travel apps, containing everything you need to hit the road with as little stress as possible.


Cool Cousin

It can be frustrating to find yourself in a brand new city you’re sure is jam-packed with cool stuff but having absolutely no idea where to find any of it.

Enter Cool Cousin, a collection of city guides, put together by real locals (or Cool Cousins) who share your interests. Simply type your chosen city into the app and pick from hundreds of different guides based on your likes and dislikes, allowing you to navigate any city as though you’d lived there all your life.


Travelling by air can be seriously expensive, in some cases it can easily end up being the priciest part of a trip. But not when you’ve got Hopper on your phone.

This clever little app compares plane tickets from hundreds of providers and even recommends the best times to buy cheap by sending you push notifications.

Google Translate

You know those school French classes you messed around in just learning swear words? Yeah, don’t feel bad about it, your parents were just lying when they said you really needed to know how to order a ham and cheese sandwich at the discotheque. Because as is the case with almost everything, your phone can now just do it for you.

Google Translate has all the quality you’d expect from an app created by one of the biggest names in tech, providing real time translations, right there on your handset, in almost any foreign tongue you could care to think of.


When you’re a million miles from home, your mobile service provider loves nothing more than to sting you with ludicrous data roaming charges. Make sure you’re not caught short again.

WifiMapper looks at your location and points out all the WiFi access spots in your vicinity. All you’ve got to do is walk there and log on. Easy.

GTFO (Get The Flight Out)

If you’re the sort of madcap traveller who’s quite happy to hop on a flight at a moments notice to anywhere in the world then GTFO is most definitely the app for you.

GTFO continuously scans the net for the cheapest flights due to deals and website glitches. Just type in your departure city and you’ll be given a list of the cheapest flights out of it, going to…well, who cares!


When you’re visiting a new city (or even just trying to get around in the city you live in already), the Citymapper app is an absolute must.

All you need to do is enter your start point and your destination and Citymapper will find all the possible routes, offering information on prices for public transport, the amount of time your journey is likely to take, traffic, and even the best carriage to stand in on the tube or the subway.


If you like the idea of CityMapper then you’re going to love this. Rome2Rio does pretty much the exact same thing, the only difference being that it’s not limited to the confines of a particular city.

Rome2Rio looks at the starting point and the end point of your journey and provides you with information on all the possible ways of getting there, whether it be plane, boat, train, bus, car, or by foot. Planning a journey has never been this easy.

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