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Hair Colouring Advice For Every Kind Of Guy

We’re seeing more and more guys tap into the hair colouring game. And why not? From Justin Timberlake’s noodle days to Zayn Malik’s many hair renditions, it’s the trend that will never fade.

But before any guy starts to play around with hair colouring, we just know they’re sat on google searching for the answers to many of their hair colouring-woes. Will it make my hair fall out? What’s the most on-trend colour to go? Is it possible to get a colour that’s subtle enough for school or work?

As always, we’re quick to get a helping hand to iron out these issues. This time, we’ve teamed up with Declan Haworth – the Colour Director for the leading London salons, Blue Tit – to put things straight.

Blue Tit, Dalston

What are the biggest myths about colouring men’s hair?

I find the biggest myths surrounding any hair colouring would be that all/any colour processes will damage the hair. Sure, they can, but only if used incorrectly.

Is it true than bleached blond hair can turn green in the pool?

This only tends to happen when hair is the lightest blonde possible or there is a high amount of metallic salts present in the hair, which you don’t tend to find in professional products. Top tip – you can correct a green tone by using diluted tomato ketchup. The red cancels out the green!

On the flip side of that, are there any benefits of switching up hair colour?

There are benefits of going lighter; when us men start to lose our hair, lightening it can add a level of depth and dimension. By adding high and low shades, it creates shadows which make the hair appear thicker/fuller. My gran always used to have a very pale copper shade all over her hair and, as she had such fine hair, she looked like an orangutan. Now, she still has the copper shade all over but she has some high and lowlights to add depth.



Does hair colouring affect a man’s likelihood of hair loss/damage?

Hair colourant really doesn’t cause hair loss, otherwise, we’d be out of a job…

One of the main reasons men lose their hair is due to a chemical byproduct (that’s released by testosterone) called DHT. This compound makes its way to the hair follicle and blocks the growth cycle of the hair.

So how do we look after our hair after colouring it?

This depends on what chemical service you’ve had. That being said, most artificially coloured hair will require a dedicated shampoo and conditioner like our O-way Colour Protection Hair Bath and Hair Mask.

When hair has been bleached, it may require more dedicated treatments that can be done weekly at home. This could be an Olaplex treatment (No3 applied before you wash and condition) or an O-Way Rebuilding hair mask (this treatment contains amino acids, essential fatty acids and ceramides which are essential for healthy hair).

Do you have any hair treatment hacks?

Adding treatments to your hair care routine as well as understanding that there’s a difference between a conditioner and a treatment.

In simple terms, conditioner is a “surface” product that aids manageability and conditions the outer layer of the hair whereas treatment is a “penetrative” product that will work on the inside of your hair, too.

How do you treat your hair?

My favourite treatment routine is:


Blue Tit, Dalston

Is there such a thing as over-washing/brushing our hair?

In short, Yes.

The biggest issue I’m aware of is people being too rough with their damp/wet hair. Hair is much more fragile whilst it is wet, especially if it’s bleached. Make sure you detangle prior to washing/wetting and detangle whilst your conditioner is on the hair.

What colour trends are we seeing for Autumn/Winter this year?

I’ve noticed that more and more of my clients wish to keep their lighter blonds during the winter months. I feel like we’re moving away from “oh, It’s winter! Time to go an autumnal colour like copper or chestnut”.

My clients are choosing to simply adjust the tone of their hair to something that’s more complementary to their winter skin. My biggest suggestion would be to consider having a semi-permanent colour like our O-Way semi-permanent range that’s extremely conditioning. This way, we can adjust the tone whilst giving the hair an intensive treatment.

Is the bleached trend a thing of the past, or are men still all over it?

Undoubtedly, bleach is not going anywhere. Men, women…people are still all over it!

Please explain what those highlighting caps are that we’re seeing all over social media!

Those highlighting caps are a rubber caps covered in holes where the hair is pulled through… and I would absolutely not recommend using them!

They cause so much stress both whilst the hair is initially being pulled through the cap and whilst the cap is being removed after the colour service (remember, wet hair is fragile.. imagine pulling wet, bleached hair trough a hole smaller than 0.5mm in diameter.. ouch!).



What men’s colour techniques do you recommend the most?

This really does depend on what results the client wants. I treat my male colour clients the same as I would my female clients; I need to understand what they want, what kind of maintenance they wish to have and what is suitable for the client’s day to day life.

For a more natural, easy/low maintenance colour, I’d suggest balayage/ highlights around the hairline and through the longer parts of the hair. This will result in a sun-kissed result and will be very low maintenance, requiring toning every 6-8 weeks.

If a guy wants his hair coloured but needs to keep it toned down for work or school, what would you suggest they do?

They’d need something that’s more natural and, therefore, not warranting it needing covering/toned down for work/school!

What would you say to a guy who is on the fence about changing their hair colour?

GIVE IT A GO! What’s the worst that can happen?

You can always have it coloured back natural or, if you wear your hair short and have it cut regularly, it may only last you a few haircuts before it is all gone anyway.


Want to get yourself booked in? Visit the Blue Tit salon in our very own Topshop Topman HQ on Oxford Street.




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