GQ Insider Rob Gregg Explains How To Make Your Suit Unique

GQ insider, shoe-designer and whisky fanatic, there’s no surprise that Rob Gregg knows a thing or two about style and suiting etiquette. The other week, the entrepreneur and influencer hosted an event at our Soho New York store to showcase our latest collection of suits, in-between the schmoozing we got the lowdown on formal dos, don’ts and why suspenders (that’s braces to me and you) are always a good idea.


How would you make a work suit stand out in a corporate setting?

A simple guide to catching eyes with a corporate-approved suit is to follow the three Cs.

What are your rules for wearing a pocket square?

Printed ties or bold block color – which gets your vote?

Bold block color. The tie serves as a base to make statements with my shoes, jacket linings, suspenders and watch.

Wedding day – how would you accessorise a suit?

It’s all about the shoes. The focus of the day belongs to your significant other, so keep the top half clean, simple, and classic. When the celebration shifts to the dance floor, that’s your time to shine and whisk your new spouse off their feet.

What’s your opinion on wearing printed shirts with a suit?

Prints work when the suit is plain and you’re looking to make a statement. I stay away from basic stripes and plaids in favor of a crisp, clean whites and solids, but if I’m going with a printed shirt with my suit, I’m going top button undone with a pattern no one has seen before.

Braces – yay or nay and why?

Braces, or “suspenders” are ALWAYS a good choice, especially when you plan to ditch your jacket. They draw attention, which signifies you’re conscious about your style choices and confident in your appearance. Braces are a compliment magnet and universal turn-on.

Watches, tie pins, collar pins – where do you stand on metal accessories and when are they too much?

Accessories must be intentional with a function or story to tell. If you can’t carry a conversation around the specific accessory, leave it out. “I wore it because it looked nice” is not an acceptable answer.

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