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Get Spots When You Work Out? These 9 Tips Will Help

It’s a dilemma that many of us face: we want to keep on top of fitness but the sweat from doing so keeps causing our skin to break out. It’s a catch-22.

Facial spots, back spots, chest spots – you know what we’re talking about. If you, like us, desperately want to figure out how to keep up your exercise routine without the dreaded aftermath of a breakout, you’re in the right place. Vishul Gudka, master of aesthetics, clinical director, gym owner and lead practitioner of The Aesthetics Room, has helped us out with some expert post-workout skincare tips.


TIP 1: Try not to touch your face

The gym is full of germs (home gyms, too!). They’re breeding grounds for bacteria, so if it gets on your face you’re more likely to break out.


TIP 2: Shower ASAP

Immediately hit the showers to remove the build-up of sweat from the skin after you work out. Use body wipes until you get home if you can’t shower at the gym. Leaving sweat to dry on the body can keep the bacteria inside your pores, which makes breakouts more likely.

Showering also makes you smell better. It’s not the sweat that smells, it’s the bacteria that causes body odour. Pat dry the skin and try not to rub.


TIP 3: Have lukewarm showers

Avoid hot showers and stick to lukewarm water. Hot water can dry out the skin, making it itchy and creating a need to scratch. This can cause the skin barrier to break, leaving the skin vulnerable to bacteria and fungus.


TIP 4: Be gentle when cleaning your face

Be gentle with your skin. Don’t scrub your face or body aggressively to remove dirt – it’s the number one mistake gym-goers make. Too much exfoliation can dehydrate your skin, leading to eczema or exacerbate acne.




TIP 5: Moisturise!

Sweat does not quench your skin. You need to moisturise to replenish the water your skin has lost from the workout.


TIP 6: Look out for collagen in protein shakes

Post-workout protein shakes can be beneficial for more than just your muscles. Collagen is a protein found in the skin which helps it stay plump and firm. Taking the right collagen supplement along with protein shakes can boost collagen production and keep your skin looking younger for longer.


TIP 7: Be wary of hair products

Did you know your hair products can cause breakouts during your workout? As you exercise and sweat, water-based hair products can melt and run down your face, which in turn can clog pores and cause acne on your face, neck, and shoulders.


TIP 8: Keep hydrated

Hydration really is key. Keep drinking water post-workout to help the skin recover from dehydration.


TIP 9: Give your skin time to breathe

After showering post-workout, give your skin time to breathe before you do your proper skin prep/routine. You don’t want to clog pores after a heavy workout.


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