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How To Get Papped During London Collections Men

The question that’s plagued fashion week goers since the dawn of…well, fashion week. What do the professionals behind the camera actually look for? To get to the bottom of this mystery, we’ve asked one of our favourite street style photographers, Joe Harper, what he specifically looks out for and what he doesn’t.

What do you specifically look for in a person when shooting street style?
I tend to look for how the person is carrying themselves, their attitude and the way they walk. It’s obvious straight away if someone is uncomfortable in what they’re wearing, in that case I don’t tend to shoot as it all feels too forced.

What should people avoid if they want to get papped?
I think it’s completely down to the photographer’s style and eye, but for me, I tend to avoid shooting anyone wearing crazy, outlandish outfits. Super bright colours or crazy designs aren’t what I’ll look for, I like to keep it simple. Unfortunately there’s so many photographers that it’s pretty hard not to get shot!


Do you find that people actively try to get street styled shot? If so, how?
Absolutely, you have all these people that will piece together the most insane outfits in an attempt to get put on some street style blog. I’m not really about that so I will actively avoid those people. It sometimes gets to the point where these people will look you straight in the eyes if you’re not shooting and there’s this awkward eye contact.

What trends will you be looking out for at LCM?
I’m pretty sure there’s going to be an even bigger influx of raw hem denim, souvenir jackets and no doubt a billion Thrasher tee shirts and hoodies. I’m just looking for someone who catches my eye, I’m a fan of more street/grunge inspired looks so if they fall into the right light then I’ll be happy.

Is there any particular shows you wait outside to capture people leaving?
All of the major labels, mostly to catch the best models leaving the shows. J.W Anderson, TOPMAN and Craig Green are always favourites.

What makes the perfect street style shot?
It’s all about the feeling. If you can convey the atmosphere and energy of these events into one frame then you’re onto a winner. It all comes down to composition, timing and light.


Other than yourself, who is the best street style photographer in the world?
That’s a tricky one, I know so many as friends so I’m biased! I really love Liam Goslett’s work inside and outside of fashion week, and his ability to capture a moment.

Why do you think people love street style so much?
It’s so accessible to everyone, it’s easy for people to turn up to a show and try to get spotted. But also for those that don’t attend the shows, it gives them an insight into a crazy world that is normally very exclusive and seen as elitist.

View more of Joe Harper’s work here

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