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Get Joe Goldberg’s Look: We Recreate His Top 5 Outfits From Netflix’s YOU

Have you heard? Netflix has just confirmed that the new season of YOU is in production! With season 1 & 2 being so successful, we can’t wait to see what Joe Goldberg pulls out the… box for season 3.

In preparation for YOU season 3, we’ve revisited the last two seasons pulling out 5 of Joe Goldberg’s best looks (in our humble opinions). Warning: this article contains a lot of blue. Keep on scrolling to steal his looks…

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The Tweed Blazer

Do any of you own a tweed blazer that merely sits there going gathering dust? You’re not alone. Now that we’re in winter (and since tweed is such a warm fabric), it’s time to take yours out of our wardrobe and shake it off for a bit of smart styling. Pair it with a shirt and chinos (or jeans if that’s more you) and you’re good to go. Who doesn’t looking a little ‘countryside’ every so often?





The Denim Jacket

Joe Goldberg can’t go wrong with a denim jacket, and neither can you. Sure, it might be a bit of a chilly coat option for winter, so make it more weather appropriate by layering it up over a T-shirt and a shirt for ultimate warmth. We’re really into checked shirts at the moment, so dig yours out to recreate this look. Any colourway goes. Bonus points if you can get your chest hair to mimick his.





Master The Overshirt

We get it, Joe Goldberg loves a pair of navy chinos (thanks for sticking with us through all of this blue…). If you’re not in touch with the overshirt trend yet, now’s your time. The layering hero we all need, wear yours over a T-shirt and partner them with your favourite trousers. To make this outfit more casual and ready-to-wear, untuck the shirt and lose the belt. Both boots or trainers would finish this look off nicely.





The Smart/Casual Shirt And Jeans

Ok, so it’s still navy, but at least now we’ve got a bit pattern going on. If you’re not sure how to inject pattern into your outfits, this is a great example of how something as subtle as some thin stripes can elevate a look. Tucked into a pair of jeans and worn with boots (Chelseas, Dr Martens etc), this is the easiest smart-casual ‘fit to recreate with your already-existing wardrobe.





The All-Blue Ensemble

Another blue outfit (shocker), Joe Goldberg has even managed to blend into his surroundings in this one. If you want to give your denim jackets a break, a denim shirt is a great option to explore. Usually a lot thinner (better for warmer weather) and therefore more lightweight, we’ve got denim shirts in all kinds of washes. To finish this outfit, go incognito with a cap and backpack and complement the many shades of blue with a pair of brown boots.




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