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6 Health Hacks To Get You In Shape For Your Holiday

Carrying a bit of winter chub you just can’t shift? There’s no need to get panicked about looking like a pale, out of shape mess on the beach just yet. If you’ve got a few months, a bit of willpower and the right info you can get yourself in fighting condition – at least that’s what the experts at Covent Garden’s SIX3NINE told us. A fitness studio that doesn’t put stock in fad diets or unsustainable plans, they hooked us up with six quick fixes that will give you a passable physique just in time for your next trip abroad.

Protein, Protein & More Protein
‘Proteins are molecules made up of amino acids, also known as the building blocks of life. Having sufficient amounts of protein in our diet will ensure we can optimally build new muscle tissue and recover from intense bouts of training.
Having generous amounts of protein in your diet can also help you feel satiated during phases of reducing calories. I recommend having five 30g servings per day as a starting point.’
Joshua Peters, SIX3NINE Trainer

Be Consistent
‘Consistency is king. When you want to be in tip top beach body shape you must consider the level of commitment to daily routines you need to develop. Successful training and nutritional changes come with creating new daily habits to get you closer to your goals.
I recommend picking 1-2 daily habits every fortnight and focusing on consistently doing them until they become second nature. It could be anything such as walking to the bus stop, buying a nutritious lunch or getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night.’
James Walker, SIX3NINE Trainer

Limit Your Calories
‘The most important factor for losing body fat is to create a calorie deficit. This means expending more energy through movement than you consume through food and drink.
Use an online calorie calculator to first find out roughly where your calorie target should be, then assess your current eating habits with a food diary and look for areas where excessive calories are sneaking in. Some common culprits are large portion sizes, fancy coffees, mid-morning/afternoon snacking and alcohol.
Always check the serving size on food labels, and try swapping out high calorie lattes and frappacinos for regular or black coffee. In the afternoon swap chocolate, sweets, crisps and nuts for a more filling, lower calorie snack such as greek yogurt and fruit. Look to decrease the frequency and quantity of alcohol consumption where possible.’
Dan Price, SIX3NINE Trainer

Remember To Play
‘Training should be challenging, safe and organised but it’s also got to be fun. It’s just as important for adults to play as it is for kids. It’s important to explore outside your comfort zone not only for the physical benefits but for the mental challenge. Sometimes this means moving away from what you traditionally do.
Doing a parkour class, learning how to handstand or training outdoors will all get you outside the rigid structures and techniques that’ll be great for not only your joints but will help you find the fun.’
Darran Lightbody, SIX3NINE Trainer


Stay Hydrated
‘Water makes up approximately 60% of our total body weight and is essential for our survival. How much we need on a daily basis is governed by many different factors such as your activity levels, how large or small you are and sex to name a few. An adult on average, will need around 3 litres of fluid per day.
When it comes to exercising, especially with intense training sessions, you will need to increase your water consumption to replace fluids lost from sweating and respiration. Losing a small amount of water can affect your performance and energy levels.’
Dominic Lee, SIX3NINE Trainer

Have A Plan
‘As the old saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Often we can rush into our new fitness goals headstrong without first taking time to consider if we are indeed matching our actions to our outcomes. Planning sustainable exercise and nutrition around our goals is essential to our success, after all nothing works quite as well as consistency. As goals differ, so too must our approach to achieve them.
For example the components needed for body composition changes (adequate calorie deficit in conjunction with resistance training) differ greatly from performance goals such as speed, agility, endurance or sports specific fitness goals.’
Clint Kelly, SIX3NINE Trainer

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