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What To Do When You Get Bored Of Your Beard

We’ve all at some point or another become bored with our style and wondered what to do to update it and keep things fresh. The same goes for facial hair, the male equivalent of make up. It can be changed and tweaked and styled according to your mood. And although any big changes will be more time consuming to achieve or grow back should you change your mind again, being brave with your beard should be your motto.

So instead of heading straight for the clippers and crying yourself to sleep when you realise you look like a man-child without any facial fuzz, here are a few options from our barber mates at Ruffians to beat your beard boredom, whether you’re gripe is with the shape of it, a sweaty neck or dandruff.

What To do With Your Beard In Summer

Change in seasons and weather is usually a good pointer to alter your beard the way you would alter your wardrobe. Spring and summer trends are seeing a lot more tapering around the jaw, cleaner around the neck (specially around the Adams apple which is a sweat trap). Leaving length on the chin for a statement, shaped to your own personal preference we are then cutting up to the neck line leaving this area clear so the skin can breath and easier to keep from tangling on shirts and ties. If you’re going shorter with your hair for spring summer get your barber to reverse taper into your beard, as softer lines are more current that the hard divide between fade and beard.

How To Stop The Damage

Warmth and direct sunlight will dehydrate both the hair on your head and the hair on your face, so keep the moisture levels plentiful using a high moisture content shampoo and conditioner. Use the same shampoo/conditioner combo on both head and beard, and treat the beard with a drop or two of organic beard oil. Ruffians use argan oil as the main ingredient in their beard oil because the high levels of moisture promote both protection and increased softness, making your beard easier to manage.

If your beard is drying out in hotter weather and thus looking frizzy and unmanageable, try blowdrying it with a flat bristle brush with the hair dryer on a low speed medium heat, this will smooth out and control the fluffiness. This is only temporary and will need to be carried out after each time you shower.

Girls will frequently have a facial both prior and after a trip away. Extreme weather conditions (cold/hot) will have an affect on your skin. So treating yourself to a luxury beard tidy with hot towels, exfoliation and massage is a great way to both treat yourself and your skin. You will come away relaxed and your skin will feel much healthier and have a great fresh glow.

The Acceptable Moustache

If you’re bored with the beard but not ready to lose it, try the beard moustache. Leave the tash fuller and longer and take the beard down to stubble.

When trimming your beard yourself at home, follow the same rules that your barber does: never trim when wet, dry and style your beard in the manner you most regularly wear, brush it out and snip of the hairs that are spoiling the line and silhouette .

A Cure For Dandruff

Flaky bits on your face? Don’t just shave it straight off as a solution, as you’re most likely going to be left with a bare, irritated face. Your beard dandruff is likely to be a mixture of natural shedding of dry skin, this can be exacerbated by not rinsing shampoo and shower gels out of your hair/beard. The rules of thumb is when you think you rinsed enough add another 20% rinsing time, separating the hair with your finger and allowing the water direct access to the skin covered in hair.

Dandruff shampoos which are designed to use on the medical version of this ailment are rather strong and very exfoliating. Frequent use of them can in fact add to the flakiness as it is exposing new skin that’s not quite ready to be on the surface. So be careful as over use can sensitise the skin causing irritation and itchiness.

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