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These Foods are the Reason you’re Not Losing Weight

Following a diet plan is never easy and getting started is even harder. As any honest man who has ever started a diet will testify, you soon come to realise that ‘carbs’ is a synonym for ‘deliciousn’ and ‘fatty foods’ is a synonym for ‘all the best foods’. The thing is though, if you’re really serious about losing weight then the harsh reality is that you are going to have to cut back on these food groups. To help you better understand what you shouldn’t be eating we’ve outlined some of the biggest food culprits that are hindering you in your efforts to shed the pounds.

Fizzy Drinks
We’re not going to insult your intelligence by suggesting that you don’t know fizzy drinks are bad for you, BUT you probably didn’t know that the “diet” options are often just as bad. Even though a lot of these drinks are sugar free they are still sweetened artificially. These artificial sweeteners trick your brain into thinking it has consumed sugar and actually increases your desire for sugary food, leading to increased snacking and resulting in further weight gain.

Frozen Meals
We all have those evenings where we get home and just can’t be bothered to cook a meal, but what we shouldn’t do is opt for ready meals instead. These pre-packaged dinners are often pretty small portions but to compensate they are absolutely rammed full of calories. Which means you may still think you need something to eat afterwards even though you’ve already consumed a shocking amount. They’re also packed with sodium as a preservative which can cause you to retain water making you look and feel bloated.

As much as it pains us to say it, alcohol is a big factor when it comes to weight gain. Just one pint of lager can set you back around 160 calories, which as we all know, can quickly mount up on a Friday or Saturday evening. Alcohol also makes your liver focus on removing it from your system (it is a toxin after all), this means that you’re liver will be less efficient at burning fat whilst it is working to filter the alcohol. At the least, try to cut alcohol out for five days a week, and if you must go out for a drink during that time then make it a vodka and soda.

White Pasta & Rice
Don’t get us wrong, pasta/rice is good in moderation, if you’re working out it can be great for building muscle when consumed post-gym. However, it is full of carbs and it’s also really easy to get your portion sizes wrong. The best way to get around it is by eating whole wheat pasta and brown rice instead of their white counterparts, oh and careful with the servings!

Deep Fried Anything
This should come as no surprise to most but deep fried food is not good for you. It doesn’t matter how delicious they are, the fact remains that deep fried foods are full of fat and more specifically, they’re full of all the worst kinds of fat. Not only that but they’re often coated in batter which means that they will absorb and retain even more fat. Because these foods are so full of calories you’ll often end up consuming way more than you actually need without even knowing it. Steer clear.


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