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Festive Outfit Inspiration From 4 Christmas Film Heroes

By now, everyone should be at least 5 Christmas films in. Christmas time simply isn’t the same without the festive characters we love; Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Bill Nighy in Love Actually and Will Farrell in Daddy’s Home to name a few.

If you’re lacking some festive season outfit inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Who better to steal style tips from than the heroes of some of the best Christmas films? Party animal or pared back in a gingham shirt, these are the looks we’re recreating.

P.s. Bad Santa is excluded from this list, for obvious reasons.


Vince Vaughn as Brad in Four Christmases

In this not-so-family-orientated Christmas film, Vince Vaughn plays Brad, the husband who agrees to visit each of his and his wife’s parents for Christmas. If we were travelling around as much as he does in this film, we know we’d want to dress as fail-safe and comfortable as possible. This is where your favourite pair of trousers and a 1/2 zip neck jumper comes into play. A classic smart/casual look, this combo will never let you down. Layer a t-shirt underneath for added warmth.





Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in Daddy’s Home

There’s no family rival like two dads trying to out-dad each other in the same house. One of the more recent Christmas movies, Wahlberg and Ferrell rep different styles. Wahlberg spends his time wearing sweatshirts, t-shirts and leather jackets, while Ferrell follows the more traditional approach. A plaid shirt? He’ll take 4.





Bill Nighy as Billy Mack in Love Actually

Largely considered one of the best Christmas films of all time, Love Actually is a festive period staple. If you’ve got your Christmas party coming up, there’s no better man than Billy Mack to steal some style advice from. A bold printed shirt (unbuttoned a bit) paired with a fresh pair of blue jeans will have you party-cool in no time.





Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard

A controversial Christmas film, Bruce Willis in Die Hard is iconic. However, wearing a vest outdoors isn’t very on-trend anymore, so for this look, we’ll convert the style to loungewear. If spending the whole festive period in your cosy clothes on the sofa sounds like a bit of you, a vest and a pair of jogging bottoms need to be on your list. Until then, Yippee kiyay Mother F*ckers.







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