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Festivals: What to Pack and What to Sack

With festival season on the horizon (it’s so close we can almost smell the port-a-loos and fast food stands), we’re getting our acts together to bring you your definitive festival packing guide. 

With no space to spare (you know how it is), here’s our guide to the essentials you need to pack and the rubbish you need to leave at home.


PACK: A tent and all the trimmings

If you’ve chosen to camp at your festival, be sure to pick a tent that’s good enough to take home with you. If you leave it, rest assured karma will get you. The better the tent, the more likely you’ll look after it and reuse it for years to come. Don’t forget your sleeping bag, roll mat and a pillow or two.

LEAVE: Gazebos and other large trivialities

They’ll cost you a lot, you’ll almost definitely leave it behind, and you certainly won’t be popular with surrounding campers for taking up way more space than need be. Try not to be this extra at a festival and only pack the living essentials that you actually need.



PACK: Washcloths

Keeping clean should be your biggest concern. A couple of washcloths will save your life at any festival, so it’s well worth stocking up for the days ahead. Take at least two so that you can use one while the other dries during the day. Simply wash them in the shower whenever you go (and please, do wash).

LEAVE: Wipes, wipes, wipes

An unpopular opinion, but we’re thinking about the environment here. Imagine if every festival-goer took a family pack of baby wipes. On average, that’s 60 wipes a packet, which would mean well over 1 million non-disposable, dirty wipes will be left on this planet. Not cool.

PACK: A reusable water bottle

This one is big – more and more festivals are turning plastic-free, and with free water taps at most festivals, you’d be mad not to take a reusable water bottle for your time. The only rules here is to avoid glass and make sure yours is identifiable. There are plenty of great, affordable options out there.

LEAVE: And, in return, leave all plastic at home

Try to avoid bringing as much plastic and waste as you can. Opt for re-usable options where possible, including food packing, bags, clothes or travel tags etc. The less you bring in, the less you have to leave behind.




PACK: Things you don’t think about

From torches, padlocks and eye masks to rubbish bags and even toilet roll, have a little think about what you actually need. You’ll probably be able to buy most of these things on-site, but again, if you have one you can reuse time and time again (not the toilet roll, obviously), it’s well worth the thought and investment.

LEAVE: Your brand new iPhone

If you have a spare phone sitting in your drawers, now is the time to resurrect it. Carrying your brand new phone causes more risk than it’s worth – they’re also a pain to charge. Where are the Nokias with a week’s battery life at?

PACK: Portable bits and bobs

Whatever phone you decide to bring, you’ll need to make sure it’s always got enough charge. Small speaker devices are also great, so make sure you have all relevant charges to get you through the festival.

LEAVE: Expensive devices

Big Bluetooth speakers are a bit much for a festival – it’s a lot to carry and you’ll only risk it getting damaged or stolen.

PACK: Layers and weather appropriates

We all know how it is – the weather can be so unpredictable. To avoid getting burned alive or completely soaked, try and pack a couple of staples that’ll see you through all weather types. Windbreakers are a great investment – they’ll keep you dry and warm but can also double up to give you a bit of shade from the sun.

Here are our favourites:



LEAVE: Designer clothes

There’s just no point! Designer clothes will get ruined – if not covered by alcohol then covered in something else entirely. Also, nobody will notice whether that t-shirt’s cost you £10 or £200. Don’t be that guy…




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