Festival Style: Jovel Roystan Reveals His Key Summer Looks

Festival season is so close we can smell the van grilled burgers and hear the confused whispers of ‘I’m sure my tent was right here’ as punters blearily try to navigate a pitch black field at 4am.

But festivals are so much more than about fast food, camping and even music. This time of year gives us a chance to live out our Woodstock fantasies and submit to those out-there style choices we’ve been contemplating through the dark days of winter – the vintage fringed jackets, the shredded denim, the workwear overalls.

This is something menswear influencer Jovel Roystan knows all too well, which is why we’ve recruited him to show us his key festival style and how to pull it off.


Are there any guys you think do summer dressing really well?

My style influences tend to shift with the seasons, so I don’t have any specific guys in mind for summer inspo just yet, but I know I’ll have my eyes on @mrjulls, @imdrewscott, and @darion_famous—three of my favorite Instagrammers year-round. Thinking outside of individuals, the normcore aesthetic, in general, is so good in the summertime. I love seeing a guy wear a simple white tee, straight leg jeans or overalls with a dope belt and old school sneakers, and make it all look effortlessly stylish.

What are some festival style essentials?

You know, this is a tough question because there are so many good directions you can go in, but I’d start with at least one strong statement piece—fringe details seem to be a solid option year after year, whether they’re on a shirt, a jacket, or a bag. Next, your footwear is super important because you need an option that’s not too precious to get dirty, but one that’ll still be holding up 8 hours of dancing in the desert later. I’d throw in a good bag that’ll work with your look while keeping your water, camera, charger and other day-in-the-sun needs safe. And I guess sunglasses are a given, right?

Are there any festivals you have on your must-visit list?

Gov Ball is right here in NYC, so it’s always on my list year after year. I still remember my first time going in 2013. It was my very first music festival, I had these amazing shoes on, it rained endlessly. I was umbrella-less and the mud swallowed my feet to the ankles. It. Was. Awesome.

Talk us through each of your festival looks

So, my first look is all about having some fun, and few style details are more exciting than a flash of fringe. This jacket feels so right for festival season, plus it speaks to the Western vibes that are trending right now—not to mention, all that swinging action makes for the perfect photo moment. Since the jacket does enough on its own, I kept everything else comfy and chill: a vintage tee, cut-off shorts, and rad chucks.

While it’s still pretty cool now, I know that the heat is on its way, so I let the arms out for my second look. I love a good sleeveless moment, and here, I doubled up on it with this throwback tee and the overalls. The lack of fabric up top and the airiness of the loose-fitting denim are sure to help me stay cool under that summer sun. To finish things off, I threw on one of my coolest pairs of sandals and went rogue by pairing it with some socks. Simple. Cool. Easy.


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