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Expert Hair Stylists Tell Us How To Fix Our Hair In Lockdown

Whether you’ve decided to shave it all off or you’re in dire need of a trim (we feel you), we hope this barnet-saving Q&A with expert hair stylists Jessica Ortiz and Joe Mills is the helping hand you desperately deserve.

Feel like isolation is taking its toll? While there are many things we can do to make ourselves feel better during these tough times, for a lot of you, it’s simple things like self-care and grooming that’s getting you down. Sure, not having a recent haircut may not seem like a big issue, but hey – if it’ll make you feel even a bit better, it’s worth talking about.

What better time to get our hair in great condition than now? To help us get your hair in tip-top condition during isolation, we got together with Triumph & Disaster who have called in celebrity groomer Jessica Ortiz and GQ Barber of Year Joe Mills to answer our lockdown-lock woes.


Why is it important for us to have healthy hair (not just great-looking hair)?

JESSICA: Now’s the time to learn about your scalp and encourage healthy hair because a nourished scalp means happy skin and healthier, faster-growing strands. Guys should be aware of taking care of the skin on their head as much as the skin on their face. Wearing the same hat too often, stress, diet and not shampooing your scalp enough are all causes of an itchy, flaky, or irritated scalp which can lead to limp and dull hair.




What steps can we take to getting healthier hair?

JESSICA: Firstly, choose the right shampoo and conditioner for you. I like Triumph and Disaster’s Acacia and Gypsophila shampoo as it’s a deep cleansing 100% naturally derived shampoo. Secondly, wash your hair properly every other day as a minimum. Massage the shampoo well into the scalp, then rinse and follow with conditioner. Triumph and Disaster’s 100% Natural, detangling conditioner is perfect for delivering a lightweight formula that restores natural shine and hydrates hair without unnecessary chemicals and silicones.


Is it true that if we don’t wash our hair, it’ll eventually start washing itself?

JOE: Yes, it is, but this takes a good couple of weeks and your scalp will go through some readjustment; your hair produces natural oils that will help it cleanse. If you want to try this out, I suggest you start with completely clean hair without any products.


What about split ends – do guys get those too? Can we avoid/fix them?

JESSICA: Choosing styling products that promote a healthy scalp and can help protect your hair from damage is a bonus! Triumph and Disaster has one of my favourite red carpet grooming products, Ponsonby Pomade. It is a medium hold, water-based pomade that contains the ingredients ‘Dragon’s Blood,’ a natural tree resin and Harakeke, a flax oil that treats and balances the scalp. Using these will help strong, healthy hair growth.




For anyone thinking of shaving their head, are there any steps they should take to make sure their hair stays healthy?

JOE: After a buzz cut, your hair is super short, so it will be fine – just make sure it’s washed and cleaned as your scalp needs to breathe. Also, remember to use sunblock on your head as your hair acts as a natural sunblock when it’s longer. No Dice from Triumph & Disaster is great.


Are there any hair mask techniques we don’t know about?

JOE: The best and easiest thing to do is shampoo and condition, but instead of rinsing off the conditioner, get a hot-water soaked towel, wring it out and wrap it around the top of your head for 10 minutes. This will help get moisture into your hair and scalp. Simple and effective.


What really quick styles do you recommend for a last-minute conference call?

JOE: The easiest one is to slick it all back or go for a side parting to get it under control. If you have a hairdryer at home, play around and see what you can get your hair to do so you know you can rely on it when the time comes!


My hair is getting way too long – is there anything I can do to keep it in shape myself without totally ruining it?

JOE: To be honest, I would muscle it out and wait until you can get to the barbers. Trying to tidy up your own hair isn’t that straight forward; doing a skin fade or even a scissor cut on your self isn’t realistic at all. Barbers exist because it’s a craft; it’s not as simple as watching a YouTube video and then getting stuck in, or we’d all be doing it! If you feel like you have to, stick to a buzz cut… the same length all over!




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